Tuesday, May 01, 2012

My Guardian Article: Medical Student Nudity in French Hospitals

(Oh I bet that title got your attention, didn't it? In fact, you may even have gotten here by Googling something perverted. In which case, make sure you're using Private Browsing Mode  um GET AWAY FROM ME, SICKO. Cough. --Editor)

Today my article was published in The Guardian Online's Comment Is Free section. It's a piece on a really strange tradition in French hospitals, where giant murals depicting the current medical students (interns) having sex with their doctors, professors and other hospital staff are drawn on the walls of the students' break rooms. Think that's weird? Get this - these drawings are commissioned by the students themselves.

Yep. Take your time picking your jaw off the floor.

article on naked doctors medical students
And you guys thought I never wrote anything respectable. LOVE ME NOW, MOM?!

Anyway, people coming over from the Guardian site have no idea who I am and are probably fast getting nauseous, so a quick introduction:

Hello, I am The Angry Medic, a doctor who writes on medical issues in a humorous fashion (more accurately: what I think is humorous, but what my readers would probably generously describe as vomit-inducing --Ed.) Before you run off, here's a sample of some of my more popular posts:
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 I also used to write for WedMD.com's medical student blog The Differential. Some popular posts from there attracting over 80 comments:
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If my writing hasn't yet made you throw up/bleed out of your ears/call for an ambulance, I hope you stick around and come back from time to time. You can also like my team's Facebook page, or follow us on Twitter. Just please don't send me hate mail saying what a terrible writer I am - I already get loads of that. (What, you actually thought I get real fan mail? Suckers. --Ed.)


Prickatron said...

Awww, and here was me thinkin' you actually posted two proper posts in two consecutive days. LOL, I'm so gullible. Are things so bad that you need to advertise your own blog on your own blog?

dr wannabe said...

wow. ur blog goes back a long way. congrats on making the guardian btw, u should write a book next

The Angry Medic said...

Prickatron: Excuse me? I just got published in an internationally-renowned newspaper, my daily hits averaged 200-300 last month and are 600-800 this month, and I'm about to score a full-time writing job as well. So no, things are not bad. Putting up links to your own posts in your own posts is actually a blog promotion tactic that many people advise. Especially since I don't have a 'Related Posts' widget (which I should probably get, thanks for reminding me).

You're right, though, in that THIS BE RECYCLED POST YO. I'll come up with better soon, I promise.

The Angry Medic said...

Dr Wannabe: Thanks, quite a few people have told me that they're surprised how old the blog is. It used to have a lot more readers, but then I stopped blogging for about 2 years and I lost the following, plus a lot of medical bloggers stopped writing. It gets lonely sometimes, and it's helluva hard getting back readership (especially since EVERY FREAKING DAY I see idiots on Facebook and Twitter who do nothing but post semi-nakd shots of themselves and statuses going "OHH I'M SO BORED, HERE'S A CLEAVAGE SHOT HURHUR" and get thousands of likes. Not that I'm bitter or anything, oh no.)

Prickatron said...

Alright, alright, I was just kiddin', no need to unleash your wrath on lil' ol' prickatron. Well done for slowly moving up the greasy writing pole, although in years to come, when you become a famous writer, you may be saying to your grandchildren 'Yes, I made my debut in the writing world as a post in the guardian on...well...um...ask me again when you're older, kids...'

The Angry Medic said...

Prickatron: Me? Wrath? Nahhh I'm a harmless fluffy bunny. A ridiculously HANDSOME bunny though. And those grandchildren have zero chance of being normal - I stay awake at night sometimes thinking of things to say to them.

(I probably shouldn't have revealed that.)

Anonymous said...

hi, are you working in malaysia? mind telling me how its like working in malaysia? im doing my electives there tqvm