Monday, May 14, 2012

Heard Around The Hospital

Holy facepalm, Batman!

I'm really busy over the next couple of days doing important work for a wedding (and by important work I mean I got tricked into helping put up the decorations --Editor) so I'm going to do what I do best and throw bad jokes at you instead.

Every week I'll post up some of the funny shit I hear around the hospital and med school in a Heard Around The Hospital post.

When I got into Cambridge, I made an open application and was selected by Jesus College. With medical students being famous as they are for making bad jokes, this means I would hear all sorts of crappy punchlines: 

"You have a friend in Jesus." 

"Jesus chose me!" -- from a student who got pooled into Jesus College 

"Jesus is coming, look busy!" -- from rowers when they saw the Jesus College rowing team down the river

And my personal favourite, after 1pm lectures, this guy would stand up and loudly proclaim, "Friends, let us return to Jesus - for lunch."

Holy crap, indeed.

Have you got any bad jokes about university names? Please don't leave more bad Jesus jokes, I already have enough bad humour on Twitter every day with Beliebers telling me Justin Bieber produces real music. (HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Ah dammit. Someday I'll learn to say that without falling off my chair laughing. --Ed.)

Also, about the Premier League matches, I just want to say - the tweet below left me in stitches. I leave it with you.

Don't hate me, Man United fans. Ah what the heck, you guys already hate me anyway.

Post inspired by Dr Grumpy, my favourite blogger who doesn't love me back. Sniff WHINE WHINE okay jeez I sound like my ex-girlfriend.


Prickatron said...

Have you heard about people phoning up Jesus College up on Christmas Day and saying 'Hi, is this Jesus? Happy Birthday to you, happy birthday to you...'?

Anonymous said...

I found Jesus, he was behind the couch.

The Angry Medic said...

Pricklykins: HAH. No I haven't, but that's only because Christmas is the only day when the entire college is closed, I guess. Otherwise I am 100% sure that would happen, because I would totally do it myself.

The Angry Medic said...

Wise-Ass Anonymous: Uhm...okay.

Smoking break's over, why don't we get you back to your nice sideroom? I'll call the nurse over and she can give you your olanzapine, mmkay?

Emer Grey said...

I was at St Catharine's college... after heavy snowfall one year some Catz students decided to attack another college with snowballs and they ran in screaming "We're fucking Catz!"

It was a statement open to misinterpretation...