Tuesday, January 16, 2007

More Whine For You, Sir?

I like to think of myself as being a fairly content person. I like to think I don't whine excessively, or make noise, or complain incessantly on a task (unlike our smart lil Apprentice-wannabe here. --Editor). Anyone who's read this blog for any length of time knows I have some issues with the course structure at Cambridge, but I've only ever whined about it here. (Well. And here and here and here and here. But hey, who's counting? --Ed)

Waiting in the cafeteria of Addenbrooke's Hospital, sitting in a group of medical students huddled together watching all these doctors and surgeons and random medical personnel in scrubs going by, I decided to pipe up with my attempt at getting a deep philosophical debate going:

"I see all these scrubs walking by, and it makes me wonder: what am I doing here? I should be one of those scrubs. Not sitting on my bum for years learning obscure drug molecule details in lecture theatres."

A moment passed. More scrubs walked by. One surgeon curiously looked at us as if we were resident wildlife, picking his nose as he passed.

Then came a reply,

"I just want to get through second year."

The group laughed.


This post by Calavera struck a chord. I know as bloggers, some of us choose to remain anonymous, and some of us choose not to, but we all still have issues with just who knows who we are. Especially us medical types who every day have the importance of patient confidentiality hammered into us.

What do you do when you get recognised?

Fast forward to this afternoon. I'm sitting in the library, thumbing through a book of medical mnemonics (I'm lazy. Get used to it --Ed). Along walks another one of those scarily hardworking types who memorises textbooks wholesale. I get up to leave, and she turns to me and asks:

"You're the Angry Medic, aren't you?"

My mind, trained for years by angry debating teachers, med school professors and a very overused Sega Genesis to handle on-the-spot sudden challenges and crises in a calm and cool manner befitting my status as a medical professional, went:

What would you have done?


Dan said...

"What would you have done?"

i would have used the hammer.

ditzydoctor said...

hullo! =D errr i think i would have gone into denial. hahaha! i'm lousy at these sort of situations! so what did you do? =D
haha no course in the world is perfect (UNFORTUNATELY!!!), i whine plenty about mine too. ;) but i'd still choose to do med in a heartbeat. =D

Junior DocSpot said...

I would have felt initially very excited, followed by an Oh crap, followed by feeling "Oh, this is what infamy feels like"... all the while stood there with my mouth open...

Followed by a lame denial.

So what did you do? (O famous one)

DundeeMedStudent said...

err yeah that happened to me,thus the deletion of most of my blog. I left the FtP post as I feel it was the most important thing I wrote. I may continue but I'm not sure.

the little medic said...

yikes, I know at least one person I know reads my blog, and looking at my counter stats so do some other people from my uni, I can't imagine any of them recognising me though. I'd just be quite surprised if they did, most people know how much I moan in real life anyway so it wouldn't be too much of a problem. I wouldn't want to medical school to read it though!

Calavera said...

Oh my goodness, that is a NIGHTMARE scenario...

Seriously, though... damn! I would have just acted clueless! I would have said, "an angry medic? Hah. Well, I'm a medic, you're right, and I am a little angry because of this upcoming exam/tutorial/assessment/OSCE, so yeah, I guess you could call me an angry medic..." And then smile politely, making the person think, "Ok, obviously he's not the Angry Medic."

And I don't know if you did this to torture us...

But what DID you do?? HOw did you respond?!

Felix Kasza said...

Um, perhaps you could convert your fame into a date?


Dan said...

i'm sure the thought had occured to him. however, there must have been a reason he did not.

Indian Medic said...

Its a great blog going on here.
thanks for visiting my page and leaving a comment.

another camb medic said...

dude.. what WERE you doing in Addenbrooke's with a bunch of medics?

You're don't venture THAT far right now, do you? :D

Dan said...

why not?

The Angry Medic said...

Dan: Cos we're Cambridge medics, silly. We don't go to hospital or anything. We just sit in lecture theatres memorising stuff, that's all.

Another Camb Medic: OH SHIT! Other Camb medics read this stuff?! But...but how am I gonna get away with all my bullshit now? NO FAIR!

Oh, and we were on a PfP visit. So yep, we do get a hospital visit. Once. Per year. If you're good.

Everybody Else: heh. sorry for the suspense, it was partially due to wanting to get your reactions first (oh you think you're so smart now don't you, Calavera? :P) but also because what I did was, uhm, not all that glorious and befitting my status as a medical professional.

I ran.

Like hell.

She probably thinks I'm also mentally retarded now.

Felix: See above.

Still, that WAS a good idea. Now why didn't I think of that BEFORE I convinced her I was a freak?

The Angry Medic said...

Dundee Med Student: Why, DMS, WHY?!

Little Medic: But moaning about life is good--in the blogging world. Aren't you supposed to stop moaning in real life anyway? It's only been 20 days, you know. Your New Year's resolutions are way too young to die :)

the little medic said...

New years resolutions are made to be broken :D

DundeeMedStudent said...

I will return, at some point.

nemesis-on-fire said...

:D smile and go: what makes you think so?

origin said...

Love the photo - I'm pretty sure I saw you on the underground a few months ago - Picadilly station, I think. If I had realized it was you I would have said hello - or something equally as scary.

The Angry Medic said...

Origin: Good Lord, man. DON'T. I'm begging you. I might have jumped onto the tracks in desperation.

ditzydoctor said...

ahaha why! the whole world knows who you are anyway after you're writing on the differential ;) so might as well make use of your fame/infamy!