Sunday, January 14, 2007

The Apprentice Los Angeles: Week 1

And so The Apprentice moves to Los Angeles! As if to reinforce to us that this is a great idea, the show opens with Trump in his limo in rainy New York speaking to Barbi--uhm, I mean Melania on the phone. Trump then arrives in sunny happy LA, and starts the new look off by loudly proclaiming "I love LA!"

The season opener is a bit slow, and opinions range from good (mostly from Apprentice fans unfazed by The Donald's recent Rosie roasting) to just plain horrible (mostly from Rosie fans turned off by the whole advertisement-of-the-Trump-family business). This episode DOES see quite a bit of Trump family preening, as this picture from the recap shows:

The candidates show up and introduce themselves. A walking picnic table called Martin pipes up and asks Mr Trump if he can go to the bathroom (which we all know means "Fire me now, Mr Trump!" in Apprenticespeak. --Editor) and so the episode premise is outlined: Trump introduces a few twists to boost his flagging ratings; the winning team gets to live in the mansion next to his (in a single bedroom, no doubt to creater happy-camper team camaraderie as well as to encourage coitus so the show can live up to its promise of, uh, goings-on in the trailer --Ed) and the losing team gets to sleep outside in tents (and no sex, of course. --Ed). The winning project manager STAYS project manager and gets to sit in on boardroom meetings (cos George is too old to walk without looking like an 80-year old House, and Donald Trump Jr's a bit busy making money to be in this episode. --Ed).

Irritating Idiot of the Week Award: James (the Webhead) was a close contender for this one, due to his overconfident smack-me-in-the-face-go-ahead-you-know-you-wanna expression and demeanour, but he featured too little in this episode to win. The winner is undoubtedly Frank, who as the reviewer for the Trump blog (who mysteriously isn't Donald Trump himself but some unknown bum who suddenly became a Vice-President --Ed) says, "staged a sickening grab for power" and made such a nuisance of himself that the other candidates decided to give the baby his bottle and made him project manager.

All in all, an interesting episode, but Trump's going to need to hook viewers fast if he wants to keep his show afloat. The new episode's out, and another review should be up shortly. In the meantime, I leave you with the exit interview, simplified to a single picture:


Mother Jones RN said...

It’s not nice to make an old lady with stress incontinence laugh so hard first thing in the morning. Thanks for chuckle.


periergia said...

Hi Angry Medic, and thanks for your words of encouragement! I like your blog, although reading other medics' sites is a lot like an excuse for not studying.

To be honest that "sense of purpose that we med students thrive on" seems to have left me long ago, but I'm impressed you've still got yours, rather than feeling like some sort of almost-F1 robot.

All t'best, weary.

SeaSpray said...

I enjoyed both Apprentice posts and also the idea of the Trump action figure making appearances. :)

I don't know why, but... I didn't really enjoy last night's show either. I have been a die hard fan of the show up until now. I also love the ocean and so i do appreciate getting glimpses of it on the show. I still find the tent debacle (in my opinion) to be distracting and for now I will take the NY show over this one any day.

Now, maybe I am just going through a dry spell and I will catch like a wildfire a few more episodes into this new season.

Calavera said...

Oh no. Now everyone's going to be talking about the Apprentice all the time. *sigh*

Maybe I should start watching it too... not sure if it's too late for me to get into it, though... ?

Prof Scrub said...

Dear Trump fan,

Where might one purchase a Donald Trump action figure? I would like to shove it up my own ass.

Your fellow Trump lover,
Prof Scrub

SeaSpray said...

Calavera - It's not too late. I have seen both episodes and still am not into it. I am trusting it will get better as time goes on.

Wandering Medic aka The Wanderer said...

American apprentice is so much cooler than the British one and its all down to Trump. Don't get me wrong, I like Alan Sugar and his no nonsense attitude, but you've gotta love the Trump!

The Angry Medic said...

Momma Jones: Aww, thanks for your kind words. I was beginning to worry that I'd become unfunny and just stupid :)

Periergia: Uhm. That sense of purpose I'm supposed to have? It's, uh, gone on hiatus. Wants to see the tropics, you know. Before it dies and all. Yeah.

Thanks for dropping by!:)

Seaspray: Agreed. The NY one seems to be better, with no tents and more business-oriented tasks. Hang in there though, I think it's getting better. Was REALLY sorry to see this week's candidate go though. REALLY sorry.

The Angry Medic said...

Calavera: Aww, no dear, we won't all be talking about The Apprentice all the time. (What he means is not when you're around. --Editor) Just for you, I'm gonna make my next post all medicky, kay? :)

And no, by all means it's not too late to start watching. Both full episodes so far are available for legal watching on the Yahoo official site.

Wanderer: I agree. I'm also an Alan Sugar fan, and his mannerisms on the show are nice too, but Trump's Trump. Hair, planet-sized ego and all. Gotta love him :)

Stay tuned though, The Sugar and a new batch of wannabes return in February.