Wednesday, January 10, 2007


The Cambridge admissions results have been announced.

To all those who got in, I congratulate you heartily. This will most likely shape the rest of your life, and you should now let nothing stand between you and straight A's in your examinations. The greatest tragedy in life is the man who goes to his grave with his music still in him (or something like that. Quote not mine. --Ed) so if you ever brace yourselves for your one supreme effort in life, it's now. Drop me an e-mail and tell me all about it. And drop by Jesus College when you do get here. (Bring food. We medics get hungry you know. --Editor)

To those who were unsuccessful, I still congratulate you. I like to think that our lives are not just random collections of coincidence, and that everything that happens does so for a reason. And Oxbridge is not for all of us. It's certainly not the best place for me, but that is a choice I made. You will be much happier studying elsewhere. Trust me. I know.

Whatever happens, drop me a line if you feel like ranting. (No, I have nothing better to do. Yes, I should be working but am trying to procrastinate. Yes, I have no life. --Ed)

Stay tuned, folks--coming up soon, a special Apprentice-related blog segment, and the account of my annual hospital visit! (Yes, I get to visit the hospital once a year. Yes, I know how pathetic that makes me sound compared to the billions of other med students out there who post a hospital-related blog post every day. Yes, I AM as excited about it as a three-year-old on Red Bull. No, that does NOT make me pathetic. --Ed)


papworth said...

and what if one of your supervisors were reading this blog?

the little medic said...

Yeah, congratulations to all the People who got into Cambridge, I often wonder if I should have applied there but looking back I don't think it would have suited me at all. So...If you didn't get in, its not the end of the world. At the end of the day you'll still be a doctor whichever univeristy you attend.

Harry said...

well done if you made the cut! My bro got rejected 1st time he applied for Law at tit hall. Last summer he graduated with a 1st class and came 9th in his yr - goes to show that the rejected can be seriously misjudged!

Calavera said...

Your Editor's notes are hilarious! Just had to say it.

J said...

I did wonder how you came to have all those personal opinions about nurses and how things work in hospitals etc given that Oxbridge pre-clinical medics hardly ever step into a hospital.

The Angry Medic said...

Papworth: Uhm. Well. Yes. In which case I'd refer them to the Disclaimer at the bottom: "Everything on this site is a work of fiction..."

Little Medic: Well put, pal. Cambridge medicine isn't for everyone. It's better that people find that out sooner rather than later.

Harry: COngrats to your bro for whipping the system! My supervisor did admit to us us once that Cambridge makes mistakes in admissions, and it pays for those mistakes. One of my pals got accepted by Trinity then rejected simply cos she asked for a gap year. Just goes to show that like everything else in life, you can't take this too seriously.

The Angry Medic said...

Calavera: Aww thanks! It's just another symptom of the brain damage this place induces, see. Left a few comments on your blog!

(Oh, and the Editor loves you too. He wouldn't tell me you said that but I crept in whilst he was sleeping. Thanks. Gets so tiring living with him sometimes. --Editor)

J: Yes, it IS a mystery isn't it? I mix with a lot of grad students. And just because Cambridge doesn't send me to a hospital doesn't mean I don't go anyway... :P

What a coincidence! I've actually just come back from my annual hospital visit. Stay tuned for some good ol' patient tales, baybeh!

feera said...

*grin grin grin*
funny how its the friends doing the screaming jumping up and down for you. instead of the parents. oh well that's just me.
no, YOU bring the food. and coffee. yesssssss.cofffeeee. *my precioussss*.