Monday, March 26, 2012

Excuse Me Whilst I Go Graduate

So I haven't put up a post in a while, and haven't even responded to the angry comments and hate mail building up in my inbox. This is because I flew back to England to attend my M.A. graduation ceremony in Cambridge University - yes, I am now Dr Angry Medic M.A. (Cantab).

Ridiculously handsome, right? And you thought I was joking about my good looks.

Not that any of you care - it's also an excuse for me to catch up with old friends, get ridiculously drunk, fall asleep on a random roadside in Cambridge and spend the next morning running away from the same University proctors that I insulted years ago on my blog. (Not that I, uh, actually did any of that. Oh no. --Editor)

Anyway, proper post and photos are on their way. Thanks for all your kind comments on Facebook (I know you just want free medical leave certificates out of me. --Ed.)


dr wannabe said...

wow, you're starting to post regularly. are you ill? havent been by in a while. congrats!

Nurse and Hospital Stories said...

Wow! Congratulations Dr Angry Medic M.A. Such a long title for an angry and grumpy person. :)

Peny@discount uniforms

Medic Wannabe said...


BendoMD said...

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Can you add my blog to your blogroll?

It would help me very much!

Thanks a lot!

The Angry Medic said...

Dr Wannabe: I KNOW RIGHT?! Aren't you proud of me? Thanks!

Peny: Thanks! Yep, I think my uni deliberately wants to troll me by making me explain the title and why I have an M.A. degree to everyone I meet. As if I wasn't losing hair fast enough.

Medic Wannabe: Whoa, first a Dr Wannabe and now a Medic Wannabe! Why do so many people want to do medicine? RUN, I say, run as far as you can! Also, aww thankyew :)

Diksha Chhetri said...

If you have a facebook page, would be be kind enough to give me the link? I really enjoy your blog and would love to see more on FB.

The Angry Medic said...

Diksha: No sadly I don't have an FB page for the blog yet, but I will soon hopefully. And don't worry I'll spam it all across the blog so everyone sees it :)

Prickatron said...

um... whats a 'Cantab'? And shouldn't it be MSc instead of a MA? Never mind, I could wait for you to answer this question, but the odds of you acutally posting an answer to a comment on this ol' post are so slim I'll just google it. P.S. nice gloves, do they come with the outfit? They sorta look like 'em old fashioned duelling gloves that you slap people with to challenge them to a duel. Hmm... maybe you should give one to each of those lovely ladies who thought you deserved an impression of their hand on you face? At least then you'll be humiliated with style (haha).