Sunday, January 21, 2007

Knock On Nurses, Bring On Curses

Nurses are funny people. And I mean that in both senses of the word. Sometimes you have funny ha-ha nurses who make you laugh. And sometimes you have nurses who act funny for no apparent reason, like the one in this story. I personally have had experiences with many nurses (most of whom are hot and obviously wanted to drag me into the nearest store cupboard and do a Grey's Anatomy on me. It can be tough, being a hot young doctor in a hospital with a nursing college right behind it... --Editor). The most memorable one was with a nurse in an Intensive Care Unit who was butch and tough and looked like Dr Bailey would if she were a nurse:

But when the time came when her patients needed her, she demonstrated real care and diligence. She would even skip lunch and stay on at the station when poncy doctors dropped their clipboards and headed for the cafeteria. And she was nice to me. She'd tell me stuff the consultants wouldn't repeat for me and give me pointers before my fat was fried by said consultants.

I also knew she had a tough life. It showed. But she fought it and kept going. I met her during an attachment back in the days before medical school. She gave me my first glimpse into the hell that is medicine.

Recently a family member of mine had to have surgery. I was sitting in the waiting room trying to be the strong voice of reassurance to my family. I was, after all, a highly educated medic, dammit. But all I managed was a bad impression of a castrato singer trying not to sound like a castrato singer.

Luckily I was rescued by a nurse. Read the whole story on Medscape's med student blog The Differential. Again, do leave a friendly comment if you like the post. I need to convince my Medscape bosses that I'm more than just a goofy smile on the blog...


Dan said...

fight the panda!

Anonymous said...

Butch lesbian doctors are hot lol. Butch lesbian doctors who look like Dr. Bailey are even HOTTER lol.

The Little Medic said...

The nurses are going to be after you now. Well done on the britmed mention. I suppose you're safe from most of the nurses being that your hospital adventures are few and far between as yet.

Writing/reading blogs is becoming rather an obsession for me. Oh well, better than studying I suppose.

The Little Medic said...

I sent you an email, don't worry about it, I managed it by my self :)

Bo... said...

Ah yes, the stormy relationship between doctors and nurses. Who can explain it? There is a framed prescription on my desk that I'm sentimental about, written for me by an ER doc I once worked with, and it's written for "one pineapple pie"...

Mother Jones RN said...

You crack me up. Tell your nurses to be nice to you, or else I will be forced to cross the ocean to box their ears. I'm sure, however, that they adore you as much as I do.

Hugs, Your Mama Jones.

Patient Anonymous said...

Hi, finally made it over. Brain status questionable. Did read the post on Medscape. Was good. I've had both good and bad experiences with doctors and nurses but really, will always have a soft spot for nurses as I started on the path to become one. Path derailed but nonetheless...


Bo... said...

Thanks for adding me to your blogroll---you're a sweetheart! (I have added you to mine.)

Spirit of 1976 said...

This is what I like to see. Doctors and nurses bigging each other up rather than sniping and trying to devalue each other. It's like ebony and ivory, side by side on my computer keyboard (oh lord, why can't we?)

You're right not to listen to those doctors you mention in your other post who say that nurses don't have much of a role in somebody's hospital stay. As somebody replied in the comments box, the fact that they need nursing care is the reason they're in hospital. If they only needed to see a doctor, that's what outpatient appointments are for. I suspect that the doctor who said this to you will learn their mistake next time they visit a hospital as a patient rather than a doctor.

Also, don't worry about having sounded like a castrato first time you tried to counsel a distressed family. This is something we all find very difficult at first, myself included. You'll find that it gets easier through knowledge and experience. This will cause your confidence to grow, and you'll become the shining hero doctor who saved the day, and then some hot young nurse will do you in a cleaning cupboard. ;)

Anonymous said...

I have a confession to make. I've shamelessly stolen the editoral input style you use so well and often for my last post. I'm an awful person. I apologise. I did link back to you though, so credit where credit is due.

Kick ass blog by the way.

Anonymous said...

Great entry! And just for the record, I love Dr Bailey!

Mother Jones RN said...

Me again....

I'm hosting Change of Shift on Feb. 8th, and I'd like to include your post. Please let me know if that's OK with you.

Your Mama Jones

Dan said...

singh! you ARE right. you DO have a goofy smile. bite the panda.

The Angry Medic said...

Little Medic: Thanks! I didn't see the BritMed mention until you told me. Oh heck yes, reading/writing medblogs is WAY more fun than medicine. They should make blogging a career or something.

Check your email soon btw.

Adam: ....ooookay.

*inches away slowly*

Bohemian Road Nurse: Awww...being on your blogroll is an honour. "One pineapple pie"? Now THAT sounds like it's worthy of a blog post. (Or one of those 'Medical Romance' novels.) =)

Mama Jones: Awww, you never miss an opportunity to drop a sweet word, do you? I'd be honoured to be included in Change of Shift. Have dropped a longer reply on your blog.

Patient Anonoymous: Thanks for stopping by! Nowhere near as prolific as your blog, but hey, I'm just a medstudent. And once a nurse, always a nurse...

The Angry Medic said...

Spirit of 1976: Hahahahaha! That last line cracked me up. Thanks for the sentiments about the post. You know how I feel about doctors and nurses; we went through the whole Nurse Ratchet debacle together. Still agreeing with you completely there.

Carmelo: Heh. Nah, I myself stole the editor thing from quite a few bloggers; it's quite a common literary device, and I'm just uncommonly lazy :) Thanks for the mention though, and for the extremely kind comment about my blog. So far the only ass it has gotten kicked is mine, when the Head Proctor's boot connected with it :(

Dan: Hey, my goofy smile brightens days, okay. Patients love it when I show up at their wards. It's just a minor glitch that they think I'm a grief counselor instead of an actual doctor.

(I'm working on it, okay.)

nRT said...

new to your blog and i agree with you 100%. the hospital and doctors are nothing without the rest of the team. We need every service from the CEO/President, doc's, nurses, lab techs, Radiologic technologist all the way to environmental services or housekeeping. The hospitals can not function without everyone working together under one umbrella.

The Angry Medic said...

Nancy: Thanks for stopping by! I'm glad you agree. Now all we have to do is convince the rest of the medical profession to do the same...and I'm not nearly senior enough to wade into THAT battlefield.

I like your 4 principles by Don Ruiz thing, by the way.

Dan said...

Stuff they did not teach you in pharmacology:

Types Of Medication

Various types of medicines have been created for various reasons, a very small sample of which are the most common, with name and use:
Tylenol- Sore body parts
Methamphetamines- Cigarette addiction.
A1 Steak Sauce- No friends, and a lot of steak
Butane Lotion- Poison Oak
Orange Potion- Revives HP and MP by 50 points
Methanol- A wife who hates you
Dopamine Enhancers- Brighten up that smile!
Fluorine Substrates- Pleasure to burn, on a chemical level
Glue- She won’t go out with you
Moonstone- To force a pokemon into evolution
Gatorade- For those who can’t exercise by themselves
Chlorofluorocarbons- So big a word you feel better
Motrin- Body lacerations, to small dead animals, but not Poison Oak.
Phoenix Down- Can be used to ressurect dead family members, or even kittens.

Chrysalis said...

Every now and then you get a chuckle out of me Angry Medic. Watch out for those store cupboards! ;)

JustCallMeJo said...

Thanks for the giggle. And that you get the idea that RNs and MDs can have cooperative and complementary roles.