Tuesday, May 15, 2012

I Haz A New Banner, Part Thr-- Ah Screw It

Quick post to say that I updated the banner again, with my Facebook page (GO LIKE IT PLEASE, I LIKE YOU LONG TIME) and my Twitter page, as well as my new slogan! That's right, my blog now has a slogan. Why? Because these days all the kids want short simple crap that's easy to read and is preferably not longer than 140 characters and has lots of pictures. I blame Justin Bieber. Yes, I know you saw that coming.

 How do you think I survived med school without revising?

I've finally replied the truly inspiring comments on my Question Everyone Should Ask Themselves post, which I will soon feature in an upcoming post. But there was also a troll in the comments. I get one of these jokers on every other post, it seems. And because I don't want to detract from all the awesomeness in the upcoming post, I'm going to post my reply here instead.

 This is what the troll said:
Anonymous said...
@A Doc 2 Be
''I turned my company in for fraudulent financial reporting' and 'after I settled my lawsuit against them.I was destroyed financially by the company ''
- that would be a doing of an idiot. No wonder you have no regrets, coz still nobody caught you reg. your alleged fraudulent activity.

@The Mildly Irritated Medic
'I can still make myself believe that I can make this work, yet I know that I need to find out quickly if that faith is misplaced.'
HA HA HA, gotcha.

'And what would you say to a medic who has lost his way, but not his hope?'
I'd say, HA HA HA, gotcha.
And this is what I replied: 

The Angry Medic said...
Anonymous Keyboard Warrior: WOOP WOOP! DOUCHEBAG ALERT! Who invited the Anonymous Arsehole Squad? I bet you're their famous leader, Captain A.N. Al Penetration! Known for fearlessly leading the digital charge (into rectums. Digital Rectal Exam. AHAHA SEEWHATIDIDTHAR?) from safely behind his computer screen whilst chugging his Big Macs with one hand and washing it down with his momma's breast milk with the other!

Does it feel good trolling other people courageous enough to post their stories? Does it make you feel less of a loser sitting at home in your hot neighbour's stolen panties and your five-day stubble? At least you're not yanking off to your dad's vintage porn collection anymore, are ya? Isn't your mom proud of you?

Speaking of your mom, why don't you get back to sucking her teat, she's complaining her nipples are dry. Get off my blog. Don't forget to shove your head back into your ass on your way out, your 'roids are getting lonely.
This blog is called The ANGRY Medic, not The Mildly Irritated Medic or The Slightly Grumpy Medic Who's Actually A Pretty Nice Fellow. TROLLS WILL BE TROLLED RIGHT BACK - I will shove my head so far up your ass, we'll be chewing the same piece of gum. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.

Cough. Now that that's out of the way, what do you think of the blog's new slogan? Dumb enough for the Beliebers?


Anonymous said...

Spoken like a true troll.

Anonymous said...

eghm, depressive position in dyad. rather psychotic lashout.

dr wannabe said...

uhm rather hard to focus on slogan after that, innit? i think it's ok, thot it would be funnier but this is in line with ur new TV evangelist personality I guess.

ImAFatBastardWhoAteMyKitten said...

What? I don't even get a mention? I even went out of my way to make up this stupid username. Trolls feed on aknowledgement ya know. So now I'm gonna die. *Sob*

daisy said...

ah gee, don't die, username is purrfect; besides we all luv ya!

Don't ask don't tell said...

You must be gay if you enjoy shoving you're head up people's asses

Anonymous said...

:-))))))))))))))))))))) yes, I'm gay, definetly I'm gay.

The Angry Medic said...

TROLLAPALOOZA! Expected it really. Pull up a chair under my bridge - I'll get the billy goat burgers nice and warm.

King Troll said...

Something tells me this guy has more trolls on his blog than actual interested readers. Loling cos its true

The Angry Medic said...

King Troll: Please. You're even thicker than I thought if you think I believe for a second all these trolls are different people.

I've been dealing with trolls for a long, long time. I know when to feed, and when to stop feeding.

Wanna know the really scary part?

I know who YOU are.

Prickatron said...

oh yeah? who is King Troll then?

Anonymous said...

'I know who YOU are.' :-)
gosh, TAM, I'm SSSSO scared! LOL

and you're trolling so beautifully!

1-st: think. Then: act.

Anonymous said...

All I can say is..* stands up and claps*

Anonymous said...

King Troll is Z.(family ties took over). Geesas TAM, you r so lazy.

Isn't Z right btw? You are trolling horribly.

forestry investment said...

"Captain A.N. Al Penetration" - Classic AM. Do you have a copyright on this phrase, or may others use it too:)? I suspect most trolls who hide behind anonymity are people who get bullied and fucxed over in real life.

Curious Reader said...

Why exactly are you angry? You just seem like someone who made a bad career move but that's not necessarily a reason to be angry. Maybe disappointed, but not angry

Half a doc said...

Nice work lol, tho put it this way, you know your blog is getting attention when someone can be bothered to troll it!
Also I very much like your banner. Now I want one, hmm.

peace said...

Cool (down?). I pictured that conversation & it was scarry, like our consultants beast moment. You are in the right track. Congratulations I guess!