Saturday, February 18, 2012

The Angry Medic Discovers University Memes: Cambridge and Imperial

The 'Slowpoke' meme, used to make fun of someone who is slow to catch a trend, or...
okay actually it's pretty self-explanatory.

Having gone to two universities has given me a unique outlook on life. I have experienced two very different cities, with their own learning environments, outlooks and views on important issu-- ah screw it, it means I have over a thousand friends on Facebook (most of whom don't know who I am --Editor) and I can waste even MORE time on Facebook browsing not just one university meme group, but two.

If you, like me, are an out-of-touch old fart slightly late to the party, you may not know that university meme groups are sprouting on Facebook like warts on Martin Lawrence's butt in Big Momma's House. Because I'm so generous and like to share things that bring laughter to the world (and by that I mean too lazy to come up with original blog posts --Ed.) I'm putting the best of the memes on here. Let's start with the Cambridge ones - see if you can detect a trend here...

The popular Lion King meme. Every university seems to have one of these, making fun of their own
'bad places' - for Nottingham Uni it's Trent, for Imperial College it's Silwood Park - you get the idea.
Heck, I've seen two for London with Hackney and Tooting.
For those of you who don't know, Girton is the farthest away of the colleges, needing a bus or a cab to get to. This means it's gotten a bad rep, and is considered an easy college to get into. Poor sods.

 You detecting a pattern yet? 

The 'Oh My God Karen' meme. I'm told this has something to do with the film 'Mean Girls'.
And if you already knew that, you better be a girl. (If you're a guy and you watched that film, 
get the hell away from me. Now.)

Social commentary on the ethnic make-up of St John's College.

 Social commentary on the public view of  students who go to St John's
(in a nutshell: they're dicks. 'Nuff said.)

But wait! It's not all insider college jokes! We can make fun of individual courses as well!

That's a bit unfortunate. Usually at least McDonald's hires them.
("Got a 1st" = got a first class degree)

'Compsci' is the local slang for Computer Science.
I used to think their reputations for being nerds without social lives was unfair - until I met one.

And last but not least, it wouldn't be Cambridge without a snobby insult towards the other, much smaller, much less famous university in Cambridge, Anglia Ruskin University:

There's the University of Cambridge, and then there's the university IN Cambridge.

What's that you say? Had enough of bad memes? Okay okay, tomorrow I'll put up the best of the Imperial College London memes. They're not all one of them involves Leonardo DiCaprio in Inception. As if I needed his help to fry your brains with my writing...


Dr Erhumu said...

So funny, can totally relate to the University in Cambridge. Some of us that went to 'lesser' schools have to constantly prove that in the real world its how you develop yourself that matters.

Health Care Lists said...

A instructor of Paramedic classes that experiences a student induced facial expression of frustration dubbed, "ANGRY SHELTON". It's worth checking out even if you're only into looking at pictures, the header is pretty cool.

Anonymous said... has started getting a lot of new college related memes to look at!

The Angry Medic said...

Dr Erhumu: Aww thanks - I know, it's a little cruel, but every university seems to do it these days, even the small ones. And yep, I know plenty of amazing doctors and professionals who got that way cos they didn't get into Cambridge and worked the harder for it.

Health Care Lists: ...I still can't decide if you're spam or not. You LOOK like spam, you SOUND like spam, but your gibberish is vaguely relevant to the topic! Is this what spammers have become? Do you guys hire impoverished Chinese slaves to intelligently spam these days?

Helpful Time-Killing Anonymous: OMG I went over there faster than an Imperial College London student can shout to his mates "Look! A girl!" but all I found were American memes :( the ones I could get were funny though.

Abs said...

The one about St John's isn't about the students at the college but the ridiculous number of tourists who congregate there!