Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Life at Imperial College London - In Meme Form!

(DISCLAIMER: I did not make any of these memes. If you are offended, don't send me hate mail - address your complaints to...okay so actually there's no one you can complain to. You can, however, shake your fist in the air and curse youngsters and the deplorable state of society these days. I find it helps.)

In my last post I fried your brains brought laughter into your lives by highlighting some Cambridge memes. Now let's look at some Imperial College ones. These are a lot more subtle. And show some definitive patterns. Can you guess what they are?

 This was the first one I saw and made me laugh so hard I almost sued the author for keyboard damage due to spraying Coke all over my laptop through my nose. It's commentary on the infamous gender ratio at Imperial. Don't get it? Here's a hint.

Same trend as the above. This is why Jay-Z doesn't go to Imperial anymore. Getting it yet?

Okay, now on to the trend Imperial is perhaps, um, most famous for. Stop me if you've heard these before:

The 'Inception' meme, but this one has a creative use for Leonardo DiCaprio's slitted eyes. It's commenting on the ethnic make-up of most students at Imperial. Get it? No? Here's another one:

 If the meme above made me spray Coke out through my nose, this one made me spew other fluids out through other orifices. (Saliva. From my mouth. Stop being dirty-minded. --Ed.) Imperial's library is open 24 hours - except for one night per week, on Friday.

Walking from the engineering campus to the Bio building is like entering a different country. Kind of like driving into Ealing from pretty much anywhere else in London.

If you still don't get it, a popular saying at Imperial is "Imperial College is the best engineering school in southern China. Imperial College Medical School is the best medical school in southern India". These may not be statistical facts, but hell are they good for meme-making!

But wait! It's not all obscure satirical trends - we can still bitch and moan about normal university stuff too!

The Central Library is a battleground. Too many students, too few computers. Seriously. I know of students who were diagnosed with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder after an afternoon of trying to find spare computers in there.

 And if you do, you better damn well make sure your question's intelligent enough to need a PhD thesis with at least three Chinese graduate students to answer. Or else.

This one pisses people off. A lot. Somehow the past-year papers end up being e-mailed around by seniors though. When you first started pirating porn movies, music and games, did you ever think you'd one day be pirating exam papers?

And again, it wouldn't be Imperial if we didn't take a shot at our favourite rival London university, courtesy of the Sorting Hat from Harry Potter:

UCL = University College London. I wouldn't blame you if you didn't know what that stood for. It's just some small-time university up north of London with a bigass hospital and way too many club nights. Not that I'm bitter or anything.


Ms-Ellisa said...

"Library closed"..


been there!!

Glad to see you are back to blogging too...

*new post every 3-5 days?! Are you ill? Are you coming down with sth?!?! LOL*

Nice to see an old friend :)

The Angry Medic said...

Ms-Ellisa: YOU'RE ALIIIIIVE! ZOMG! Thank God, I thought I was all alone out here! And yeah haha I'm posting regularly - who knows how long it'll last before my lazy ass catches up with me again eh?

I'll be on your blog!

Anonymous said...

All those people being "proud" for finishing UCL are pathetic. Dwarfs.