Saturday, December 26, 2009

Merry Christmas and a Very Angry New Year

Contrary to popular opinion (and by popular opinion I mean moronic spammers who scoop their brains back out of the toilet bowl every morning after their daily dump and whose vocabulary is limited to Chris Rock lines minus all the bits that are actually clever -- man that felt good. --Editor), I am still alive! Just busy, very busy. Which I'll admit most people are (except for aforementioned spammers --Ed.) except that most people have better time management skills than those of a mentally challenged amoeba. But enough about spammers.

Merry Christmas and a happy new year to all, and I'll see you after the New Year.

Oh and (massive Doctor Who spoilers - if you haven't watched the Christmas special STOP READING AND CLICK HERE FOO' --Ed.)




Dan said...

hello angry medic! u are alive! yayyyy!

Anonymous said...


The Angry Medic said...

Dan: yes ah am! Hallelujah praise the Lord! *claps hands together*

'Enter'-key-Loving Anonymous: No it is not! Aww now you're making me feel bad.

It's just that I've been in 2 plays recently and then fallen sick for QUITE a long time - it's a persistent infection that refuses to leave and has now migrated up to both my ear canals, rendering me the Angry but Harmlessly Deaf Medic.

AND I'm due for some air travel soon. Sounds like a Seth Rogen movie waiting to happen don't I? :P

tracy said...

Awwwww, so sorry about the sickies, Angry (both kinds!). Happy Boxing Day, i hope you get some really good boxes! Good things can come in boxes...leaving it to your "imagination" (in "Spongebob" voice). Yes, i s t i l l watch it, soooooooo?
Missed you tons and tons,

Anonymous said...

Wow dude. You really are every bit as up yourself as your other blog posts suggest. I can see the real reason how you got into Cambridge; hint it has nothing to do with your eyelashes.

I didn't find this blog before i applied but i sure am glad I didn't end up going there if it's packed full of bigheaded toffs like yourself.

Dan said...

tracy, that's very funny! i remember that episode. hahahaha. you're never too old for good ol' spongebob! spongebob rocks my socks!

'anonymous' sounds like he's having that sour grapes thingie. awwww. was the interviewer mean to you?

pilocarpine said...

great to have u back.

i'm your anonymous fan

tracy said...

Hi Dan,
Yay! Another "Spongebob" fan! "Imanination"...(You have to add your own rainbow...!)hee. Were you an "Angry Beavers" fan too? i miss them so! i miss all the "Old" Nick toons....i "grew up" watching them with my now 18 year old...

zewt said...

good to know you're alive mate...

Dan said...

hello tracy! yayyy! i absolutely love the humour in spongebob :P

sadly, i haven't seen 'Angry Beavers', although I reckon Angry Medic would probably have. I shall have to borrow his hard disc someday.

Also, to the 'Anonymous' whose vocabulary seems to only consist of vulgar words, if you really have something valid to say, just say it and back it up. There's no point hiding behind the 'Anonymous' veil and acting tough with the keyboard just because you were bullied in school.

Dan said...

aww. you can use abbreviations. how amusing. i bet you just want some attention, don't you. awww. how cute.

Anonymous said...

Haha, that Doctor Who special WAS a little bit creepy at the end!! And I liked trying to catch out Obama impersonator's face.


Anonymous said...

Angry, we know you're busy and all, but could you please take some time to clean up your comments section?
Just a thought.
Hope you're recovering from your vicious infection.

From a wellwisher.

Dan said...

you're assuming i have a fixed home, which right now isn't quite true.

Anonymous said...


Disease said...

Yes I have to admit that this was one of the best Dr. Who episodes I've seen in a long time. I'll be sad to see this doctor who go.

- The Doctor (

Anonymous said...

This blog is becoming worst than cancer...

The Angry Medic said...

Anonymous Bitter Cowardly Anal Probe of a Troll:: I hope you've had your fun on my blog. It's over now, so you can go on and pull your head out of your arse and start making your mother stop regretting bringing you into the world. Thanks for the comedy though - my friends and I had a good laugh when I showed them you calling me "privileged". It speaks volumes about my beginnings that I don't even have an internet connection to update my blog when I go home, don'tcha think?

But no, no one who flames me ever does their research. It's far easier to engage in mindless profanity like you did. No one who knows me would ever, EVER describe me as privileged, but I don't have to justify myself to you. And if you'd read my blog through, you'd understand I hated my time at Cambridge. But despite all you've said, I'm happy for you that you didn't get into Cambridge - firstly, you may have hated the system, like I did. But more importantly, it would have turned you into just another one of those caviar-eating bigheaded toffs you profess to despise.

I understand you may feel bad now, but trust me when I say it was for the best. You'll have a better time elsewhere.

Now get your childish, Hannah-Montana-worshipping, crayon-munching wankstained arse off my blog, you self-righteous prick, and go suck on your milk bottle somewhere else. I'll be watching.

The Angry Medic said...

Dan: Thanks for the support, mi amigo. Don't take anything he says to heart - he obviously has no idea who we are or what we came from to call us "privileged".

And damn your comebacks are sharper than mine! This is why I miss you man :)

P.S. Yes I have watched 'Angry Beavers' (don't judge me okay).

Momma Tracy: Aww thanks for the wishes Momma...yep I'm much better now. Note to self: "manning up" doesn't always work as a remedy for man-flu :P YOU LOVE SPONGEBOB TOO?! (I'm glad you can't hear my high-pitched voice now, cos it would so ruin my macho image) :)

Pilocarpine: Aw thanks man! I just did some anonymous stalking over at your blog too. Mwahaha.

Zewt: Zewt ma main man! Surviving, just barely. Glad to know you alive too bro...I'll come stalk you soon!

NotJustMedical: I was SO going "theydon'thavethebudgetforthis theydon'thavethebudgetforthis" when they turned the whole world into John Simm! Haha you pressed the iPlayer pause button too didn'tcha ;)

A Wellwisher: A very sincere 'thank you' to you - I didn't mean to leave it this long. I'll make sure it won't happen again. And yes I feel much better now. Happy New Year!

Disease: I KNOOOOOOOOWWWWW *runs off to avoid David-Tennant-fanboy-crying ruining my macho image*

Oncologist Anonymous: Haha consider chemotherapy started my good man! Hopefully it won't happen again...I'll be keepin the chemo by the bedside from now on (crappy medical joke for ya there) :)

Dan said...

haha anytime dude. nah, it was easy. he just left too many openings. after a while i felt sorry for him. anyway, happy new year! hope you have more angry medical adventures at this hospital place that i have no idea of its location! bwahahahahaha

Anonymous said...

Whats there to feel sorry for. I got in via the pool!!! Trinity Hall, Cambridge here i come!!!

I'm sorry for you not having a good time there yourself but i'm not turning down the offer. I mean its cambridge for Christ's sake. Think of the opportunities I'll have there, the towering spires, celebrity academics, footlights, cycling to rowing training, the Mayballs, and not to mention the CV points.

BTW YOu never say which Med school you're at now. Why did you move? Was it because you hated Cambridge so much. What was it about cam that you hated. Is everyone there really that rich? I go to private school (on a scholarship) so i'm proabably already used to it.

Are the Mayballs really that amazing? Did you ever row for college or blues sports?

feera said...

who the HELL is this anonymous idiot? what a fucking tit.
" i sure am glad I didn't end up going there"
"oooh MAYBALLS!"

Hypocritical stupidity is very entertaining.