Friday, March 27, 2009

Pain Management

Life's been tough recently. Events have been crashing together and teaching me the real meaning of what it means to be a clinical medic in London. Trials and tribulations never seem to stop, and come at you from all different directions - from hospital, from fellow students, from non-medical friends, even from the people you least expect.

And just like in medicine, what you thought was something you knew, turns out to be quite a different thing altogether.

Two big events have thrown me off-balance recently and forced me to seriously evaluate my direction in life. And I've also come to realise that I'm a little immature for my age. (Hey, just look at any other entry on this blog for proof. --Editor) But it's okay to crash and burn every once in a while - everybody does it. It's a human survival strategy.

The pain, however, is difficult to manage. I can't just put up a paracetamol or morphine drip like I would for a patient in hospital. So I have to work this out from basics, and do a few things that scare me. But hey, the stronger the wind, the stronger the trees.

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Anonymous said...

chin up Angry! :)

Anonymous said...

Really knowing your direction in life is pretty impossible. But generally, we can get the basics right.

/likes your blog
//former science student in London
///was too scared to become a doctor, now getting over the fear

Anonymous said...

hello there! dropping by..
all the best! =)

Phantom said...

Loved the ending of the post"the stronger the wind, the stronger the trees"

Interesting blog,

Aspergic Medic said...

hello everyone. please visit my new blog

many thanks

The Angry Medic said...

Cheerleader Anonymous: Aw thanks - one raised chin coming right up!

//Doctor-to-be Anonymous: Yeah you're right. A vague direction is all we can get sometimes - and for some of us, even that's a blessing, no? (Okay you can tell I'm extremely myopic can't you)

Ken Wooi: Wow that was a quick drop-in :P Thanks man. Glad you popped by - I will too.

Phantom: Thanks...I forget who originally used the saying, but it hit me and stuck. Explains a lot of things don't it? Thanks for the kudos :)

Aspie Medic: You DO know these are shameless plugs right? I'll put a link to your blog on my sidebar. Also I find that the more blogs you comment on (and actually COMMENT, not just leave your address - many bloggers find this irritating), the more people you attract to your blog. Especially if your comment's catchy. Good luck and see you soon!

Shrinked Immaculate said...

are u in love with the 'wrong' kind of woman?

Jade said...

Hey angry. Shame man, these things happen. I know, im doing paeds and the suffering just seems cruel and senseless. It's helluva depressing and makes us question our paths and core beliefs. Unfortunately we(medics) never talk it out. As time goes by you'll find that you are exactly where you are meant to be and will be a better person for questioning and therefore affirming your path. In any case, we owe too many ppl too much money already. . .so might as well push through ;-). Best wishes

Bhetti said...

I'm absolutely frightened of what you're talking about.

Sometimes I tell myself, with a lot of things, 'I can't take more of this' but this is my choice and I'm sticking with it, all other options don't seem real.

Maybe you'll see something amazing, that will make all the other moments worth it. I believe that. Just because you think about these things: you'll be a fantastic doctor, I believe that too.

Nurse To Doc said...

Still love your blog.

In the words of our Lord, Kanye:
"That which don't kill me, can only me stronger"!


DrShroom said...

wasn't that Neitzsche?

tracy said...

Blast 'o hugs to you, Angry!

Dan said...

deer engree medeec veeseet me blog

meneee tenks

Dan said...

ok sorry i just had to spoof that.

speaking of pain

Dr. Deb said...


Oh, so sorry to hear this.


Anonymous, M.D said...

Crashing and burning is a good human survival strategy- as much as it hurts, it clears away a lot of bullshit and emphasizes what actually matters.
If a morphine drip is unavailable, I recommend whiskey or whatever else it takes to just keep going.
You'll get there.

The Angry Medic said...

Shrinked: Good Lord man. What're you, a psychiatrist?

(Oh wait. You ARE.)

Jade: Aww thanks Jade. Paeds eh? Ouch that can be rough - I have no idea how I'm gonna get through mine. Fingers crossed for you man. And what you say is absolutely right - I'll try and remember that.

Bhetti: Thanks for the encouragement - I know exactly what you mean. And I admire you for being able to stick with your choice - a lot of lesser people can't, and don't :)

Nurse to Doc: Hallelujah! :)

Dr Shroom: Blasphemy! Don't let Kanye hear that - you know how he treats photographers, much less doctors :P

Momma Tracy: Aww thanks 'Momma' Tracy! You always show up when people are in need - what're you, some sort of superhero?

The Angry Medic said...

Dan: Uhm. Maybe it's all the whisky Anonymous MD told me to drink, but I don't get it. Anyway don't you have exams to sit for really soon?

Dr Deb: Aww thanks for the sympathies Dr Deb!

Anonymous MD: Finally! I was wondering when someone with a medical degree would ask me to take alcohol. Now I can blame my inevitable breakdown and descent into homeless Big-Issue-seller and roadside bum on you :)

And thanks.

Anonymous, M.D said...

No need to thank me, I subspecialized in telling people what they want to hear. I'll expect you to turn all that whiskey fueled ennui into a best seller novel and cut me in for 25% of the profits however!

James said...

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