Sunday, May 06, 2007

Jack And The Been-Stalked

I've been stalked!

In an incident eerily reminiscent of the NurseQuack one in this post, I was checking my pigeonhole today when I found a card had been left for me by the porters. It had this on the cover:

And when I opened it, I found this:

True to the general turn of events in my life, the supermodel who was sitting in the pigeonhole room when I got this card (and was, like, TOTALLY checking me out --Editor) is now sitting happily on my List Of People I Have Freaked Out And Who Will Become Intensely Interested In Their Own Navels When I Pass By.

But I'm not the only one who'd have been freaked out by something like that happening to them, right? Right? Hello? Hey, are those crickets chirping? We don't have crickets in Camb--what the. Is that TUMBLEWEED?

P.S. I think I know who the wise guys are :)


HospitalPhoenix said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
EL said...

Wow, you've been stalked, and it wasn't by me...

carmelo said...

Phoenix does make an excellent point...

The Angry Medic said...

Phoenix: Whoops, sorry, I didn't mean to delete the whole comment.

Yes, I'm not an anonymous blogger, and lots of people know who I am. I don't really care either, the only people I'm afraid of are the Cambridge proctors who might actually haul me up for disciplinary action or kick me out. I've gotten weird abusive phone calls and texts, and taken flak from my fellow med students here who read my posts here and elsewhere, but no one bothers to stalk me because I'm really boring and dreary in real life. (Prolly the reason why all those hot girls who write to me never call me back. LISA, IF YOU READ THIS, I'M NOT THAT FREAKY! IT WAS A JOKE, I SWEAR! CALL ME BACK!)

Besides, there are plenty of better medbloggers out there who deserve to be stalked :)

EL: For once! FOR ONCE! I'm just as amazed. I half-expected to find you trying to hide your huge 6-foot frame behind the pigeonholes.

Carmelo: I know, he does, doesn't he? Sorry I deleted the post though, I have to make it a BIT difficult for the proctors don't I. You know all too well what can happen if an anonymous blogger loses his anonymity, but hey, I don't write nearly as prolifically as you do :)

Mother Jones RN said...

Are these stalkers the same nurses who want to make out with you in the hospital linen closet?

Ahhh, the joys of youth:-)

Your Mama Jones

dan said...

oi! for the last time, agnes is not a supermodel! (too short!!!)

Ms-Ellisa said...

hee hee hee :-) their idea of leaving a card is very clever, since you actually know already who they are :-)
And ehm- why would you be in trouble?
And the Differential?
Ps. Jack and the Been stalked?! How DO you comeup with this stuff?!?! :-)

-Princess Shin- said...

Hello! Found your blog from some blog! Nice blog u have here! But the face is kinda scary!!! WAHHH!!!! It says! haha..

You have been discovered!!! Oh dear.. oh dear oh dear!

SeaSpray said...

Great cartoon! I love the "is now sitting happily on my List Of People I Have Freaked Out And Who Will Become Intensely Interested In Their Own Navels When I Pass By." LOL!

I left you a comment to your comment.


HospitalPhoenix said...

No worries, I didn't realise you were sort-of-under-cover here.

Did you get the chance to meet up with your stalkers or did they just leave you the card?

If it's who you thought it was, I don't know what he looks like but I seem to remember him posting a photo of his oropharynx on his blog. So perhaps you could track him down that way.

carmelo said...

"I seem to remember him posting a photo of his oropharynx on his blog. So perhaps you could track him down that way."

And that, ladies and gentlemen, goes down as my favourite quote of the week.

Xavier Emmanuelle said...

You seem to be spending as much time online today as I am, given the new graphics at the top of your blog! Borat edition - cool. I've never seen the movie but I'm out of things to do, so maybe I'll go rent it.

SeaSpray said...

Borat! :)

The Angry Medic said...

Mama Jones: know me well. All TOO well in fact...are you stalking me as well? ;)

Dan: What the...?

I not talking about Agnes! In Kazakhstan, Agnes not pass prostitute height test!

Ms Ellisa: Heh. Nah, I'm not in any trouble. Yet. If I get killed I'll try and get a guest blogger to announce it here though :)

And haha, you liked the Been-Stalked? I'm witty, aren't I? See mom, I TOLD you some people thought I was witty!

Princess Shin: Aww thanks for popping by. It's not every day one gets a Princess on his blog :) have popped over to your blog too. I really like your writing.

And there, I changed the banner so it wouldn't be so scary!

SeaSpray: Ooh, I'm going over there now. And yes, there's a reason for the Borat thing. All will be revealed soon! (The banner/background isn't bhorrible,is it?

HospitalPhoenix: Why, what a stroke of genius. As if people don't find me weird already, now they'll have me yanking open their mouths and stuffing a torch down their throats to see what their oropharynxes look like. Why didn't CSI think of this ID method before? :)

But nope, we didn't get to meet, I think they were too busy. It was awfully nice of them to leave a card though.

Xavier Emmanuelle: Ooh yes, I have a reason for the Borat theme this week. And you HAVEN'T seen the film? Then I insist that you go get it now. (Just have a barf bag ready too.)

SeaSpray said...

The banner is great! You are good with this stuff :)

Raveen said...

hahah awesome banner...and clever way to get your attention with the card..

medstudentitis said...

That's kind of fun! At least someone cares enough to hunt you down!

Esme said...

omg. that is inane.

Think of it as getting fanmail?

the little medic said...


I hope you liked it. I saw it in borders and for some reason I thought of you. [I know, I should really get off the net shouldn't I!]

Anyways, Stalking was fun. I did keep looking at people thinking - are they angry looking? But I don't think I did see you.

I know where you live...... mwahahahahaahahah

Argus Lou said...

A Medic, stop sending yourself stuff. It's your alter ego, eh?

Anyways, Borat and you make a nice pair. He's got the long black rectangle for censoring his phallus and ... and ... you have long eyelashes.

Looking forward to your Borat surprise (or shock).

Dr. Deb said...

Uh oh.....


Maaaaan, that card would have completely freaked me out!! Can't say that I've gotten any stalker cards, but I've received a couple of rather peculiar emails.

HospitalPhoenix said...

I don't have a stalker, but I believe I have several admirers ;)

Anonymous said...

Awwwwwww, Angry, I thought I was your stalker, er, number one fan....oops, make that number two, no Kathy Bates "Misery" around here! To quote someone I truly do admire (guess who?), "I kid, I kid!"
Take best of care and it sure was fun having your number 3 fan over for tea, tracy

The Angry Medic said...

SeaSpray: Aww thanks. I read your reply on your blog! And the reason for the Borat layout is revealed. It isn't too crap, is it?

No, on second thought, don't answer that.

Raveen: Heh. You just come over here to collect prank ideas to freak other medics out, don't you?

Medstudentitis: I know! I didn't know whether to be freaked out or thankful :P

Esme: WAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA now that's the best analogy I've heard all week. I would, if only for the fact that I don't HAVE any fans. (Well. If you don't count that 57-year-old clerk in Accounting who hits on me all the time. Not that I mind, you know.)

Little Medic: WAHAHAHA I loved it. Gives me another one for my list of Things To Do To Freak People Out. Wait till I come up to your university, mate. I also know where YOU live... *creepy organ music from Phantom of the Opera*

But like I said on your blog, thanks a LOT. *sniff* it's been so long since I felt loved. The scars from my last meeting with my tutor haven't faded yet.

Argus Lou: Oh. Oh gawd. I was about to laugh at that jab at the start, then you HAD to go and remind me of that scene with the black rectangles. OH GAWD. Do you know how long I had to stay in the mental hospital after seeing that?!

Dr Deb: Yep, 'uh oh' just about describes it perfectly :)

Funky Brown Chick: Whoa. WHOA. It's THE Funky Brown Chick, isn't it? All the way to MY humble crap-pile blog here. Like, WHOA. I'm floating!

(Oh. Wait. That might just be the crack. Dangit, I have a meeting in an hour.)

Lemme guess, the emails were (a) people hitting on you (b) fanmail spilling over from the Fake Doctor's blog? :)

Phoenix: MANY admirers, Mr Phoenix, MANY. Methinks it's a transference thingy from X-Men and public sympathy (or fetishes) with Jean Grey.

And you DO have a stalker.

*creepy organ music from Phantom of the Opera*

Tracy: Hahahahahahaha awww, you do make me laugh. (I also laughed reading George Bush's verbal gaffes during the speech he made about The Queen...that was SO Dubya.) Get a blog so I can stalk you too!

all but 1 said...

Geez, I think I would have quietly freaked out if I got a card like that in my mailbox. While I'm not actively hiding my blogging, my vet school is such a small, incestuous community, that I have to be careful what I write, or someone will get into a snit. I prefer to not let my dean of academic affairs know what I'm doing, or he'd probably sit me down with a serious look on my face to discuss the ethics of my posting my opinion on what I'm learning in school. Give me a break.

Anyway, I enjoy your blog, and often read it when I'm in the middle of a surgery lecture (much more interesting than learning about the various causes of colic in a horse) - it's better than playing mineblaster ;).

Merys said...

Jeez, I gave up trying to stalk you, you don't answer your bloody emails