Tuesday, March 20, 2007

The Empire Is Struck Back Against, Part II

Aboard the MTAS Death Star, Emperor Blair and Darth Hewitt try to get themselves out of hot soup

After last Saturday's widely-publicised march in London by junior doctors protesting against MTAS, Patricia Hewitt has gone into hiding and left behind her henchman Lord Hunt, the Health Minister, to face the music and gibber incoherently. Dr Crippen wonders where she's gone; I suspect she's hiding on the MTAS Death Star.

And since my last post on the MTAS debacle (which was picked up in last week's BritMeds due to my use of the word 'wankpile' to categorise it; I don't think that's weird at all, do you? --Editor) Opposition Leader David Cameron has finally got it through his thick head that hey, thousands of doctors protesting could actually be a good time to campaign for votes:

David Cameron gets a clue

But you have to admit, his speech was stirring. It made doctors feel something they haven't felt in a long time -- like they were valued. You can watch it here.

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