Friday, September 15, 2006

Bandwidth Increase!

One of my biggest gripes this past year has been the ridiculously low bandwidth allowance at Jesus College. our monthly bandwidth allowance is only 8 gigabytes, and that includes EVERYTHING - email, regular surfing, downloading, torrenting (not that i do this, of course, as it is highly illegal and unfair and against the policies of Jesus College, Heaven, the Stone Age, and the Land of Fluffy Bunnies), everything. other colleges laugh at us, including in particular one college right across the street who, in addition to stealing the other half of our namesake's name and having the name of a famous alcoholic drink scrawled in gold letters above its gate, gives its members 400MB of bandwidth per DAY. As such, Jesus students are starved of internet connectivity, and are less informed than their counterparts from elsewhere of world happenings and updates. (okay maybe not. but you get the idea.) plus it had been a rather jinxed day, with me spilling my last cup of good Malaysian Milo at KLIA, getting seats next to an old but still very amorous couple on the plane, and not having central heating in my house when i arrived.

So it was to my great surprise that the first announcement i got upon arrival was that the college bandwidth limit has been increased to 15gigs. that's almost twice the previous allowance. just looking at this bandwidth meter makes my head swim:
The 3 warnings were because, uh, i exceeded the bandwidth limit. (hey, i need my House and my Grey's Anatomy. it's for educational purposes. i'm a medic.) just goes to show how dumb the previous ruling was. luckily here at Jesus we have an IT department that listens to us and is staffed by people way more competent than Malaysian LRT stations. which is a rant for another time.


susu said...

bah... boring

Anonymous said...

Jesus had the right idea, but after a while the rules have been bent by public pressure.

I say, 8 gigs a month is more than enough. The only reason anyone would need more bandwidth than that would be if they were like downloading the contents of he US DoD Strategic Defense mainframe or German donkey porn...

Jesus College: Terrorist Breeding Ground. (Human + Donkey = Terrorist)

Admin of JC Internet Services Provider said...

Due to unforseen circumstances, there might be a reduction in the provision of bandwidth for a 2nd-year MVST student by the name Mr. ASS Singh, in conjuction with a lawsuit from the producers of House MD.

PS: The bandwidth would be reallocated to whoever who will be downloading German donkey porn. Now, to make it mandatory viewing for the entire college population...

ash said...

hey hey!
glad to see that you are putting your time in Cambridge to good use =)

be thankful that Jesus allows you to use p2p software. we get as much bandwith as we want, but a blanket ban on p2p software (kinda useless).

btw, i have the complete season 1+2 of house. willing to trade for new episodes from season 3(just started in sept)