Tuesday, September 12, 2006

'The Apprentice' Comes To Malaysia!

In a press conference yesterday held by NBC Networks USA, Mark Burnett, creator of the hit reality TV series The Apprentice, said he has decided to take his show in a completely new direction by basing it in Malaysia. "The Southeast Asian economy is very different from that of the USA, and this will create more unique challenges for the contestants," he said. One of the changes on the show is that it will no longer be helmed by Donald Trump, the Manhattan real estate titan, but by a Malaysian. "We're still looking for the right host," said Burnett, "we'd like to try something different from Trump's high-powered leadership style. We're looking for a more contemporary hosting style that will appeal to younger audiences. To this end, we're looking for a typical slightly crazy, caffeinated, mixed-up, overworked student who exhibits typical teenage flaws like falling asleep at odd times, considering her taste in music excellent, and thinking she's witty and sarcastic when she's not. Such flaws will hopefully attract teenage audiences who can relate to that unfounded confidence that can only come with youth and WAY too much caffeine." To further ensure that the host has enough mental instability to gain good TV ratings, Burnett said that they would be looking in educational institutions in remote jungle locations first, as the incidence of mental problems among students is higher in such places.

Donald Trump, star of previous seasons of The Apprentice, could not be reached for comment as he was on a business trip to Jesus College, Cambridge, in the UK. Rumour has it that he intends to sue a certain student of that college for being cooler than he is.

The Apprentice: Malaysia is currently shooting in Ipoh, and a tentative poster for the series has been released:


feera said...

aaron singh is a grumpy, old, SENILE medic who has way too much time on his hands, a disturbing fetish for bad orange toupees,a taste in music inferior to mine,and doesnt realise the macho stand-in-the-middle-of-the-train thing is only physically macho when the train is IN MOTION.
and babies freak him out.
football boots, aaron.i got some really hard ones.*gulps more coffee with a menacing look*

fuguman said...

and taste for older women too..

The Angry Medic said...

hey. don't knock older women. the more years the more experience, they say. go count the lines on their trunks :)

as a disclaimer, in case I get sued by Trump, Mark Burnett, or goodness knows who else who jumps on the let's-sue-the-poor-lil-medic bandwagon, this post is completely untrue, and its sole purpose is to annoy the woman in the logo. and judging from her comment above, I believe I have succeeded spectacularly :)

Nighteyes said...

Nyahahaha, 'thinks she's witty and sarcastic when she's not'. You hit the nail spot on, ol' chap. Except you also forgot 'thinks she's scary when she's not.'

(because I know who specifically you were referring to. Honestly said, I actually thought it was a certain junior of yours whose name started with 'J' at first when I saw the poster. Feera happily clarified that she was the one in the poster today)

Oooh, sign me up for the first second season!