Tuesday, November 18, 2014

The Best Advice For Medical Students Ever

Medical Student: We have our final exams next month! Do you have any last-minute advice for us? Anything you wish you could tell yourself just before you sat YOUR final exams?

Me: ...Sure. Gather round and come close, because I'm going to give you the best advice anyone will ever give you throughout your careers, and possibly your lives.

The students all gather together around me, their eager faces full of hope, their hungry eyes staring wide at me.

I lean forward and whisper softly, just loud enough for them to hear over the noise of the ward:

"Go to business school instead."


Anonymous said...

Better advice would be to emigrate to a country that appreciates their hard work, skills and dedication.

I'm a soon to be ex-GP, retiring early, who wishes she had emigrated when she was younger. I'm determined not to dance to the Government's agenda so I am leaving.

tracy said...

Miss you so much, AM. Just wanted you to know.

Love, "Momma Tracy"

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