Monday, July 09, 2012

So You Want To Be A Twitter Celebrity

I've just crossed 1000 Twitter followers! What does that get me in real life?

Absolutely nothing.



In other news, I haven't been blogging due to a series of unfortunate events including a death in the family, a big fat wedding, and travelling very far for an interview. I've also probably been spending far too much time on Twitter than is healthy, which explains the bloodshot eyes and the throbbing pain in my temples (that I'm sure has nothing to do with my recently acquired nickname of Dr Vampire*).

The good news? I've got a lot of stories to tell? The bad news? You're gonna have to hear me tell 'em. BWAHAHA.

Be back soon, and thanks for the comments. Yes, even my trolls.

*if that nickname ever changes to Dr Edward Cullen, somebody drive a stake through my heart. You may think I'm joking. I'm not.


FatUm said...

sorry about the death and the wedding. worst gatherings ever! waiting for your posts ;)

Prickatron said...

Hi Angry, nice to see you bloggin' again. But since haven't updated your blog in a while, let ME give you an update of your blog.

This is how it has always worked - You provide posts, normal followers feed on your post and post their comments, and trolls feed on their comments to make posts that annoy the followers. You, in turn, feed on the trolls to make a post with a reply that entertains and humiliates the troll. Then, normal followers are able to feed on this. The circle then repeats itself. 'Hakuna Matata, the Circle of Life'. You get how it works now?

Now say the blogger decides to sell his soul to Twitter. Can you guess what happens? Its alright for normal followers, cause they can just move over and watch the spectacle from the aforementioned soul-stealing website. But no, not trolls. You see, we have evolved and adapted to the niche that is your blog. We know what makes your blog followers tick. We know your blog posting style. We CANNOT move over to twitter, because we are not adapted to survive there. So what can we do? We stay here, picking on the bones of old blog posts while frantically hoping someone somewhere will respond to our increasingly desperate attempts. But this is not to be, so one by one, we perish.

This is what has happened to your blog since you left. Once, this blog used to be a troll Metropolis. Now, it is but a troll graveyard.
ImAFatBastardWhoAteMyKitten is now just a 'thin bastard'. Prickatron is now just a 'mildly-irritated-a-tron'. Comprende? So please, as a representative of the troll community, could you hurry on up with the posts?

Wannabe rheumatologist said...

You should get your ESR checked. That throbbing in your temple could be early onset giant cell arteritis.

Anonymous said...

Please tell me that Justin Bieber photo isn't the "thought provoking post" that was promised in the last post.

cazzastrophe said...

Carlisle's the doctor, Angry. Not Edward.

Also, I may have to shoulder the blame for part of your Twitter/Bufferapp addiction. XD

Unknown said...

hey,hope your good!
Love the blog :)
i think read nearly ever post lol.
sorry to hear about the death :( its very sad when you lose someone.
keep your chin up and cant wait to read you next post.

Sonia x
1st year medical student.
Scrubbing Up - Students of Medicine & Surgery

Jakub said...

greetings from Czech republic!
nice blog, friendly humour... I will come back really soon :-)
sorry for the sad events