Sunday, December 21, 2008

The Angry Medic Makes Grand Rounds

Grand Rounds, that famous weekly round-up of the best of the medical blogosphere, is up in its 13th incarnation of its 5th volume (no I can't understand its numbering system either --Ed.) at A Chronic Dose. And amazingly, my emo entry two posts ago was accepted and I made Grand Rounds.

Which is weird because I never make grand rounds on time in real life - leading to the nice collection of consultant-shaped bootprints growing on my arse. (Hell, once when I was on a surgical urology firm, the registrar in charge of ward rounds turned silently to me, right after I burst through the ward doors breathless from my marathon sprint up 8 flights of stairs, and said, dead seriously, "Maybe we should give you a hemi-vasectomy. To better help you understand the patient's experience." Then he turned back and resumed talking to the patient as if nothing had happened, oblivious to the fact that 5 junior doctors, 6 medical students, 3 nurses and about 80 patients had all heard him and were now staring at me with the same expression that you'd show a prisoner on his way to the guillotine (or Steven Seagal on his way to about any awards ceremony). Surgeons are scary bastards, aren't they? --Ed.)

Grand Rounds Vol. 5 No. 13

The Angry Medic learns from a patient that really, some wounds never heal.

Go check it out, it's full of posts a lot better than mine. Next week's Christmas Grand Rounds will be held at Highlight Health. Merry Christmas folks! And remember, leaving milk and cookies for Santa gives him diabetes.