Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Hi Mom, Obama Won!

(Apologies to Kanye West for the blog title. Normally I wouldn't bother, but hey, this is Kanye 'Beat-Up-My-Own-Fans' West we're talking about.)

By the time you read this, most of you will know that Barack Obama has won the US presidential election and been crowned the new President-Elect of the United States of America. You've listened to tons of talking heads on TV yap about how historic it is and interview everybody who had anything to do with the election from Obama's campaign manager to the Indonesian janitor who cleaned the toilet he last sat on during his school days in Jakarta. So I'm not gonna wax lyrical about how amazing it is.

What I will say, though, is that two years ago I read this article on how the US election process was like The Apprentice. Being a Donald Trump fan, I devoured it, and sincerely believed its prediction that Obama was just a media darling and would lose to The Establishment in the end. I'm really, really glad it was proven wrong.

I'm not having that great a time in clinical school. My classmates make me feel stupid, my senior doctors sometimes don't appreciate my keenness, and some patients just like yelling at anything that moves. But for this one day, when the news broke, it made me look up from all the blood, gore and shit (literally) and smile. And feel that there was hope for the future.

So like millions of people around the world, I'm going to take this amazing victory as an inspiration. It's time for me to change.

Out of my pajamas, I mean. I've been lazing in bed all day.

(What, you didn't think I was gonna leave you without a lame joke, did you? You DO remember whose blog you're reading, right? --Editor)


Hello Vixen said...

The future does look a lot brighter now that America's youth is having a voice. We looked around and saw how generations before us screwed up and damn it, we want change even if it is by a socialist-muslim-mexican-homosexual.
Ok I don't think Obama is a Mexican. That was a little harsh.

As for clinical school... good luck. I work in a hospital and I know it can be tough shit (literally). But, someone's got to do it, better you than me.

The Angry Medic said...

Vexin' Vixen: Say whut now? If I wasn't too busy procrastinating elsewhere I'd trawl through the millions of webpages proving that no, he's not a terrorist bomb-lobbing al-Qaeda mole (no matter what the bloody New Yorker thinks). And no matter how ugly you think Michelle Obama is, I think she's still pretty obviously female, no? And socialist? Ah heck, American people think the NHS is socialist. But hey, what do I know about politics? Obviously even less than what I know about medicine, which is already patient-killingly appalling enough. And better me than you? Funny, that's what my senior doctor told me as well :P

Welcome to the blogosphere BTW!

Hello Vixen said...
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Hello Vixen said...

No, I'm not republican.
I resent that :P
More like a conspiracy theorist?
I see that sarcasm is difficult to communicate on the color blind screen. I was joking.
And his wife is sexy.
About the New York Times where Obama is a terrorist (which I guess the terrorist part is implied by the turban, however I don't think all 'terrorists' wear turbans, but I could be wrong, I'll look that up and get back to you.)
Anyway, that picture is AWESOME. Especially since he's in a dress and his wife is the one with the pants and a gun.
Personally, I'm all for National Health Service. There's been too many times where I've had to pay $150 just to find out I have allergies.
You're killing patients already? Don't you have to get certified before you can do that? I guess I wasn't working very long at the hospital before my patients started knocking off. Funny how you get desensitized to death.
Thanks for the welcome.
ps. I didn't know that was a trashcan, it looked like a blind man in a hat, I guess that's my flag to go to bed?

Anibal said...

It was an american catharsis!
For me it is something extraordinary to see a BLACK man going into the WHITE house.

And to the world as a whole this is new wind of change.
I hope he does not defraud.

tracy said...

Hey, Angry, i am sorry things are so rough, but it is still a joy to see you out and about. better times, 'kay? Wanna trade jobs...??

And Yay, President-elect Obama!!!!!!!!!! :) :)

Anonymous said...

Why has no-one realised yet that Barack Obama is AS WHITE AS HE IS BLACK. He is not descendant of slaves and his family were never involved in the civil rights movement. He is the son of a posh kenyan student whos parents were rich enough to send him to be privately educated in Hawaii.

So as for the whole, wow look how much america has changed; the only thing thats changed is the demographic breakup of voters in america. There are more ethnic minorites than there were before. If anything the result demonstrates just how racially divided america still is; obama was elected not because ppl thought he'd make a good president, which i'm sure he would, but because the number of ppl who wanted to see a black man in the whitehouse for the first time exceeded those deep south rednecks who would have stopped raping their daughter if it meant it didn;t happen. [theres a coherent argument in that sentence somewhere, i promise]

anyway. god bless america and god bless the secret service who gonna have a bitch of a time protecting Barack, Michelle and those cute little obamlettes.


Melissa said...

just noticed that u have started to update ur blog again; i was an avid reader of ur blog (and still am, now that i've discovered ur up n about again =) ) and also a fellow clinical student in the final year ><. good luck for clinical years, things will finally start to make a whole lotta sense, seriously. and yes, it does suck to be in cinical school to a point that im beginning to resent it and just wanna graduate n get my arse outta here. but somebody gotta do it right n that somebody happens to be me, you and the rest of the medical students worldwide. so cheers n try to make the best of med school, alrite? ;-)

on a side's note, now that obama is made president of the United State, i'm beginning to have serious hopes and dreams that changes for the better are indeed possible and not just some frail thoughts and far-fetched ideas.

Midwife with a Knife said...

Welcome back! I'd almost given up. I'm glad you decided to write again.

Anonymous said...

yeah wlcome back mate. hope nottingham was fun


The Angry Medic said...

Hello Kitt-uhm, Vixen: I thought you were being sarcastic, I just couldn't tell. Cos you sound intelligent and all. Yep, body-language-blind computer screen + retarded medic (me) = one heckuva mixed message. But hey, seeing as how him just being elected has made America so much more popular in the world (seriously, when did you last see non-Americans waving US flags instead of burning them?) he's gotta be better than Bush. Though honestly that's not a difficult thing to be :P

And no honey, when you've sat on your arse in lecture theatres for the past 3 years and know jack about clinical skills, you'll be surprised how quickly you can start killing people :)

Anibal: No kidding. Can you imagine the jokes? They're already saying Bush was so bad a white man can't become president anymore :)

Tracy: Aww thanks Momma Tracy, as usual you're always there with a timely comforting word. I wouldn't mind switching jobs actually, you sound like you can tolerate the lifeless nerds I work with better than I can :)

Glass-Half-Empty Anonymous:As much as your argument resembles painting a big red target on your forehead then lighting a neon sign above it, I actually agree with much of what you say. He's just as white as he is black, which is why he got elected. And good too, cos he's gotta be a president of white folks as well as black folks. But no, I do think he got elected cos people thought he'd make a good president. Either that or he ran under a Democratic ticket (impossible to lose on one of those this year, isn't it?)

Melissa: LOL thanks. I'm gonna need a positive attitude to ignore the clobbering I'm getting from my coursemates and consultants right now (physically, in some cases. Though sadly not in the hot-nurse-spanking kinda way.) And yep, Obama's election inspires you to think maybe things can change elsewhere too, doesn't it?

Midwife with a Knife: MWAAK! Aww I have no idea why you keep checking in so faithfully, but you do. I'll return the favour and try not to let you down. (Don't listen to my tutors when they say counting on me's like keeping your fingers crossed on the deck of the Titanic - they're just jealous.)

Stalker Anonymous: STALKER! dials 999 Go beat up a little old lady or rape your sister or something, you Northerner ;)

Anonymous said...


do some work mate; yeah i'm one to talk

Bo... said...

Well I just got finished quoting Kanye on my blog, today. Great minds....

Bo... said...

Oh how hilarious---you're the only other person I know besides myself who uses the term "northerner", heh...