Saturday, April 26, 2008

Me, Myself and Simon Baron-Cohen*

Another Photoshopped picture, another step closer to a restraining order.
(To all you Internet fad slaves astute readers who noticed: yes, I'm doing a Lynndie on him.)

In a series of short posts updating those of you still not brain-damaged enough to actually be reading this , I'll be bringing you up to speed on my consistently hilariously miserable life, before going on hiatus and exam lockdown (as well as finally explaining why I've been so crappy at blogging and keeping up with the blogs of you lovely people who still mysteriously care enough to visit me so often). First up in any account of my daily activities is my love affair OMG he's so handsome I want his babies professional relationship with Professor Simon Baron-Cohen, world-famous autism expert, scion of a famous showbiz family, and unfortunately for him, my dissertation supervisor.

Just yesterday I handed in my third-year dissertation, which was on one of the theories of origin of autism and dyslexia. (Funnily enough, one of my friends remarked since I started typing this dissertation she's noticed some of the symptoms of both autism and dyslexia in ME. Maybe it's got something to do with the fact that I started typing this dissertation 36 hours before the deadline. Losing that much sleep can't be good for you. Just ask the little green fairy sitting on my shoulder. --Editor)

riously though, writing up that dissertation really exposed me to the scientific method on a way that the past two years here didn't. True, it was mostly a caffeine-fuelled rush accompanied by nightmares of Simon Baron-Cohen cracking a whip behind me every time I fell asleep, but researching all those articles and getting a glimpse of the mudslinging that goes on even in respectable medical journals made me appreciate the huge, sometimes ridiculous, emphasis on science here. And, of course, the amount of people out there who dedicate their lives to research, knowing full well they will never get the credit they deserve, yet plugging on out of pure curiosity and drive (Professor Baron-Cohen himself included).

Next up: Thanks to a slightly misinformed TCS reporter, I go head to head with the entire Cambridge University School of Clinical Medicine! Call an ambulance, will ya?

*Ahaha seewhatIdidthere? The title of the post parodied 'Me Myself and Irene' which is a film about schizophrenia and Simon Baron-Cohen delivers lectures on schizophrenia which is funny, see? Mm? Yes? No? I can stuff what where? Oh damn you all!


mr. president said...

Do you mean call an ambulance to pick your injured body? Or to give you more torture (if you are into S&M) as I'm sure they are good friends with the clinical school. :D
Its been ages, the internet mourns your presence.

mr. president said...

Also, what did you mean by "plugging on out of pure curiosity and drive" as I thought plugging (in driving sense) means to stopping it suddenly... unless plugging is another of your euphemisms...

Dan said...

incidentally, your female friend; could you be referring to your girlfriend?

Gabriel Wu said...

yay! you're back!

Elaine said...

Good to see you back. See that professor - if it weren't for the fact that my biological clock stopped ticking about a century ago, I'd love to have his babies too. ;-)

the little medic said...

Exam lackdown - arrr yes, perhaps I should be doing that. Oops.

Look forward to reading about your hiatus. Hope everything is well

tracy said...

*smile* love ya, Angry. Soooo good to see you. i ought to put myself on "study lock down" as well. Oh well.
missed you tonz, come back soon, tracy

Anonymous said...

Study lockdown?
I knew I'd forgotten about something. It's good that I have a very very bad memory. That should allow me to keep procrastinating for another week or two.
Say hi to the little green fairy for me, will you? She keeps ignoring me, and I have no idea why :'S

Deb said...

Love the photo of you!!

The Quiet Storm said...

I'm backkkk! Did you miss me? ;)

The Angry Medic said...

El Presidente: No I mean call an ambulance to cart me to hospital (NOT Addenbrookes). Because the Clinical School is rather a fat building, you know. You don't wanna get into a sumo match with it. (Even with your size. *bada-BING!*) =)

And yes, there are many meanings for plug. Cough.

Dan: Girlfriend? What gf? I wish. No it was my housemate who happens to be an engineer - you may know her? She's of the short and annoying variety.

Gab: Ah but for how long? Exams are, after all, really soon. And quite lethal, last time I checked :P

Elaine: Yes! I KNEW I didn't have bad taste :)

Little Medic: Thanks dude. Yes, go lock those doors, stockpile instant noodles, and rip up that internet cable - it's time to play this old card again :P

Momma Tracy: Aww thanks, did you get my reply on the previous post? I missed you too! You should start blogging too (that way I know where to bug you and leave messages) =)

Alasse: LOL. Now you see, I say study lockdown, but I haven't exactly gotten around to doing it. This green fairy can be quite heavy on the shoulder, no? It says you've been getting too much sleep and it doesn't wanna compete with the Tooth Fairy for your affections. Crazy fairies.

Dr Deb: Aww why thanks. I thought it captured my good side, no? ;)

Anonymous said...

HaHa I'm sure he loves you, especially if he's seen your blog!

Looking forwards to reading (or not depending on how much time you get to write about) the clinical years coming up.

good on plough said...

i believe a restraining order is more probable.

Shrinked Immaculate said...

whats the topic of ur thesis??

Dan said...

green fairies sound like absinthe.

thomas said...

You say, "writing up that dissertation really exposed me to the scientific method in a way that the past two years here didn't" but then point out mudslinging and silliness. Methinks you're confusing the scientific method with the practice of science. The former is the whole hypothesis-testing experimentalism that is the flesh and blood of science, while the latter is the sociology of science intertwined with peer-review, politics and careerism. That's just the latent philosopher of science in me...

Dan said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Japanese John said...

"Through analysis of thousands of recorded gunfights, the Cleric has determined that the geometric distribution of antagonists in any gun battle is a statistically-predictable element. The Gun Kata treats the gun as a total weapon, each fluid position representing a maximum kill zone, inflicting maximum damage on the maximum number of opponents, while keeping the defender clear of the statistically-traditional trajectories of return fire. By the rote mastery of this art, your firing efficiency will rise by no less than 120%. The difference of a 63% increased lethal proficiency makes the master of the Gun Katas an adversary not to be taken lightly."

Dragonfly said...

Yay! You're back.

Ms-Ellisa said...

*what Harry said*

And please say you're not acting all JD- Cox- mentor offering "a hug" :-D

Just kidding...

Anonymous said...

he is quite attractive, and some...:D

Anonymous said...

oh no, he isnt!

Mag said...

You're back!...vaguely any way. Just for your laziness and that supposedly funny title, don't we get one more proper post? Everyone could do with a little more laughter :)

Anonymous said...




anna gregory said...

Brilliant! I have just finished my first placement in physciatry and we had lots of info about Simon Baron Cohen - he is a bit of a mental health legend!

It's nice to read your posts again


Argus Lou said...

Welcome back to Blogoland, Angry M.
Now you're working closely with Borat's cousin/uncle?! Wish you big success, ya.

woj said...

hi! nice blog you have it here... would like to continue reading ur blog! mind to exchange link with me?

Dan said...

dear angry medic,

i kindly request that you update your blog. i would like to note that it is more enjoyable to read than sms-es at strange times of the day. this is due to the fact that at random times of the day, i am taking my afternoon naps and may not be able to reply promptly.

furthermore, i would like to draw your attention to the fact that you should be locked away in your room right now, which will enable blogging to be more possible.



ok i shall lay off the project for a day...

Dan said...

ALL CAPS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Marja said...

Hi angry medic. I am just browsing and stopped by because I am very interested in the topic. The whole range of learning differences are running in my family. Asperger, highly gifted dyslexia dyspraxia etc. I like the theory of simon Baron Cohen that Autism is extreme male brain. A girl in our family has some Asperger symptomps but also very high spatial ability and very good math skills.
Anyway before I am rambling on Have a nice day and you got a nice blog here, Even like the scary faces

Dan said...




Anonymous said...

More sensibly, once more; anyone you recognize here? . I think I had Dr Gorgeous last year for a couple of lectures. I think Dr Friendly McNice is meant to be SBC. What do you thnk?

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Anonymous said...




Anonymous said...

Anybody there?

A-Sha Pinkiex said...

Update. Now! I'm bored, I'm on break, help me please!

Gabriel Wu said...

Angry Medic, meet your physical counterpart, Angry Physicist

Anonymous said...

I made a cake!

The Angry Medic said...

A cake? *gasp* did you warn the local A&E ward first?