Sunday, June 03, 2007


A strange thing happened to me this week.

Late one night, as I was desperately trying to finish cramming and get at least 3 hours of sleep before the next day's exam, as dawn was breaking and the birds started singing in Chapel Court outside, I decided, screw it, I'm reading Simon Baron-Cohen's lectures, and hoping an essay question comes out from there.

And as I sat there, reading the great man's work, for the first time in all the long years of study it took to get here--

--it didn't feel like work.

In fact, I even got carried away.

I NEVER get carried away reading medical lectures.

I wonder what that means.


The Angry Medic said...

Ooh, 100th post! :)

Rav said...

gl on exams...

Ms-Ellisa said...

Hey Angry you're ALIVE!!! :-D
Maybe it means you're growing up... you know???!!! You 're gettin' more mature and wise dude!!! :-D
Hope you're doing okay.
Congrats on th 100th post...
Ba-bye :-)

Dr K said...

It's peri-exam psychosis. I've had it too. Don't worry, you'll soon be back to normal!

Hope the exams are going well and good luck

EL said...

It's called losing yourself. They have subliminally condition you to study as though it was nice. Well, at least that is what Simon did. He is a psychology expert as well, so he knows how to do this. Try to look at your notes with a higher magnification.

carmelo said...

This sounds serious, this could even be, I daren't say it, enjoyment!

ditzydoctor said...

it means you should do exp psych as your breakaway thingy (am clueless as to what you call it sorry!) :D

all the best for exams!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Angry, Wave, wave, So happy to see you. I hope exams are going really well and you will have some "peace" soon!
Enjoyed your post on Amib's site, good that you are out and about.

Carry on, troopie, tracy

Lala said...

Woo, you're back!!!!

Midwife with a Knife said...

Hmmm... it's a psychotic break due to lack of sleep and exam stress? ;)

ahmad the terrorist said...

it means you are a nerd.

Anonymous said...

I was JUST thinking the EXACT same thing ahmad!
Yes Angry... I'm afraid this means you are slowly (but surely) turning into a geek.
Ah well, not necessarily a BAD thing... :-P

Sir William Harvey (Dec'd) said...

Hi Angry,

Good luck with the exams; they let me through, so I'm sure you'll be fine.

I suspect you'll find your epiphany has a lot to do with Baron-Cohen being one of the better lecturers at 1b - but it might mean you have an interest in experimental psych.

Just to give you the 'benefit' of my experience of part 2, MVST 4-paper path was hugely theoretical, and had minimal clinical relevance; great training for lab research, but not so useful for clinical practice. The 'mechanisms' course should be better, but it is still well worth speaking to the course organisers, and those who have done it before (I'm sure you have done all this, so my apologies for being patronising).

Medical ethics & law, which was my fifth paper, was huge fun, and well lectured (possibly had something to do with them all being barristers...). Some of the 'niche' options in physiology seemed quite fun (and resulted in a few suprise 1sts come results time...) Whatever you choose, good luck.

As for clinical school, well... They are all pretty good. Even Bart's (excellent clinicians, hugely diverse population with lots of disease, and much more relaxed than Cambridge. And Older). Hell, even George's is OK. They just have different styles; pick the one you think suits you.

phoenix said...

What do YOU think it means?


Shrinked Immaculate said...

psychotic breakdown, got any H/O BPAD in your family??

Anonymous said...

oh my goodness! YOU'RE BACK! I've missed your blog soooooooo much! oh my goodness! I like experienced withdrawal. I hope your exams went well!

The Angry Medic said...

Rav: Ooh, it's 'Rav' now is it? Tren-DEE :) Thanks mate. Almost there!

Ms Ellisa: I know! I surprise myself sometimes...didn't think I'd survive the exam period (well most of it anyway...I might drop dead before my last exam tomorrow). Thanks for dropping've been busy haven't you? Your comments are EVERYWHERE!

Dr K: Dangit, I KNEW I wasn't normal! Know a good psychiatrist somewhere? :)

And thanks...just one more practical paper to go (Pathology, of all things. And I still can't differentiate bloody E. faecalis from strep pneumoniae!

EL: *looks through magnifying glass* gasp...NO! What have they done to our MINDS?!

Carmelo: OMG no, doctor, NO! Say it isn't so! But...but I'm so YOUNG!

Ditzydoctor: Nope, Breakaway Thingy sounds about right. Just about sums it all up really :) And thanks! I really should do Exp Psych now shouldn't I? Law still looks mighty appealing though... :P

Tracy: Aww thanks 'other mom'. It has been a HORRIBLE week...I've gotten like 3 hours of sleep a night. Just one more to go though...then I'll REALLY be 'out and about'.

You REALLY should get a blog you know, if only so we can reply your comments. You also sound like you have some tales to tell :)

Lala: Whoa whoa, not yet dear. This was just a, uhm, unofficial 'couldn't-stay-away' post. Nope, you didn't see me here. And you DEFINITELY will not tell my Senior Tutor about this. Nothing to see here, move along.

*whistles innocently*

Midwife with a Knife: Phew. I was afraid it was something serious, like, you know, actually LIKING something to do with medicine. But you're right, it's prolly just due to exhaustion. Phew. I, uhm, think I'm gonna go lie down now.


Ahmad the Terrorist: Whaddya YOU doing here?

*points behind you*

Look, it's Bush!

*runs away*

The Angry Medic said...

Psychiatrist-Wannabe Anonymous: What? No, doc, no! Say it ain't so! I'm too YOUNG...I..I.. *long cinematic NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO...*

Heh. Thanks though...just one more to go!

Sir William Harvey: Whoa. Whoa thanks for all that, it really helped. Where were you a few weeks ago huh? :)

Yeah I was leaning towards 4-paper Path simply because I thought Mechanisms wouldn't give me an advantage in my career, since a lot of it is re-learnt in clinicals. Whereas Path at least teaches you some research skills I might be able to use later on. But thanks for the heads-up...I have s'more thinking to do.

And some other people have also told me the same thing about clinicals...makes me feel a lot better. Apparently if you care about patients and such instead of research and academia they kick you out of Cambridge to London. Well, at least I get a wider range of cases to see there.

Thanks for dropping by. You need to get out of your grave more often, you lazy bum :)

Phoenix: It It can't mean THAT. Surely not.

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO *runs around flailing, eventually jumping into the River Cam only to be hit in the head by a punt full of Japanese tourists*

Shrinked Immaculate: made me actually look that one up. No I do not have a history of bipolar affective disorder in my family, thank you very much. All the insanity starts with me I'm afraid :P

Gushing Anonymous: you're making me blush. I can't be seen blushing, dangit! It'd ruin my macho image!

And no, I'm not back yet! This was just, uhm, a short venture back here. One of those 'couldn't-stay-away' things. You didn't see me here. And you definitely will NOT tell my Senior Tutor I was here. Because, like, I wasn't. Nope. You are feeling sleeeeeepyyy...

*runs away*

Xavier Emmanuelle said...

Well, now you know what to do for your non-med year!! Best of luck on your last exam!

medstudentitis said...

Since everyone else has confirmed your recent bout of psychosis, I will just say good luck on your last exams!

Phoenix said...

It It can't mean THAT. Surely not.

Oh, but it does.

*towels angry down and sutures his scalp*

Now get ye back to the books!

Chris said...

Or maybe you keep subconciously imagining Borat speaking as you read the notes.

Now we make the experiment psychologee on my retard brother billy. It is so funny.

nitman said...


Argus Lou said...

Sacha funny epiphany, Angry. Glad to hear you're alive, if not too well with only 3 hours of sleep (jeepers!). Isn't it a marvel when you enjoy your work? And, later, much, much later, they'll pay you for it, too, psychosis notwithstanding. ^_^
All the best
in your final test!

ahmad the terrorist said...

hey, you finished your exams today. i expected a long post. what happened?

Anonymous said...

Awwwww, Angry, you're so nice to suggest I start a blog, unfortunately, I'm not like you all...I'm not a med student, pre-med, intern, resident, nurse, paramedic...well you get it...I could be a patient "The Crazy Lady" or something, lol! So, exams over now, I hope...! Best always to you!

SeaSpray said...

It means that you are enjoying it - go with the flow. Maybe he is just one of the more interesting lecturers? Presentation can make a world of difference in how readily a topic is absorbed. Also - you are on a roll now with your studies. continued well wishes for you Medic. :)

ahmad the terrorist said...

oh?! that's it! you didn't reply!! jihad!!!


ahmad the terrorist said...

oh i meant update not reply.. whoops..

angry angry bear said...

everyone. vote angry medic the next president of the united states. a man who has proven unafraid of terrorism. a man who did not update his blog despite threats of suicide bombings from ahmad the terrorist.

Dr. Deb said...

I love when things like that happen. It makes learning truly and ease-y experience.

Pun intended, btw.

Dr. Deb said...

PS: Happy 100th Post.

Esme said...

I've been worrying about not being able to sleep during my exams...perhaps that is actually normal so in effect this year I've prepared for Uni without realising it.

I've just wikied Simon Baron-Cohen. His work sounds fasinating. But that's because I wanted to be a psychiatrist before I wanted to be a doctor (eventhough technically its the other way round). There wasn't the initial OMG this is fundamental on so many different levels, and it's so poorly understood.

Perhaps this is a sign that you should take up experimental psychology next year.

Did you know that at Oxford they have Philosophy, psychology and physiology as a degree, if other aspects of medicine hadn't also interested me, then I would have tottally gone straight for it.

Anonymous said...

SBC's lectures are so readable because there target audience appears to be the general public, not someone who is studying university level science. That's why you can sum up an entire SBC lecture in about 5 minutes.

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