Monday, March 05, 2007

"No, Osama...I Am Your Father!"

Darth Osama bin Vader

Well, okay. So maybe that statement's got a LITTLE inaccuracy in it.

Actually, I'm Osama's MOTHER.

Or at least I will be, when the Medics Revue opens this Wednesday at the ADC Theatre in Cambridge. Titled 'Happy Fetus', it's a fast-paced series of sketches that's sure to induce side-splitting laughter (don't worry, we've got NHS Direct on speed-dial. --Editor) without a penguin in sight.

It runs from Wednesday to Saturday at 11pm, and has always sold out in the past, so book your tickets (which are priced to suit the average student's constricted wallet) today here at the ADC Theatre website or by calling the box office at 01223 300085.

Our past shows (with the ever-so-catchy title 'The Chronicles of Hernia: The Lion, The Stitch and The Ward-Round' --Ed) went to Edinburgh Fringe festival last year and performed to sell-out audiences. This year's production promises to be no less entertaining, especially with a crazed medic completely fed up of lecture theatres in it.

So do me a favour and when you see Osama's mom come on stage, clap loudly. Either that or laugh uproariously when Barney the Dinosaur comes on stage. I wrote that sketch, and if after 573 times rehearsing it, it turns out not to be funny, I'll be eaten alive by my fellow cast members, who despite all being medics, won't be bothered about catching E. coli infections at the time.

Ah well. At least then I won't have to worry about MTAS anymore.


Kenny Mah said...

Heya, Angry Medic!

I'd love to have caught The Chronicles of Hernia, but since I've not stepped on British soil in four-and-a-half years, I'll just make do with my lurid imagination. And for the same reason, I shall applaud your performance as Osama's mommy from afar (but loudly, so you may yet hear of my thunderous approval).

Thanks for dropping by my blog too, and linking me. I've had the weird experience of people coming to me at blogger/lit-events and exclaim, "So you're Kenny Mah!!" so I really wouldn't mind one day someone does a more creative, "So you're Life for Beginners!!" Which is a long-winded way of saying I'm completely happy with the way you chose to link me.

And now The Angry Medic appears on Life for Beginners too. :)

dan said...

" I'll be eaten alive by my fellow cast members, who despite all being medics, won't be bothered about catching E. coli infections at the time."

i'm sure if they cook you, all will be good.

and i think i should get a bulletproof vest for you too.

can i go backstage after that? :P

JY said...

Aiyo! What next? "Hairy Swotter and the A-Blood Bins"?

"The Lord of the Diaphragm Rings?"

"Ward and Piss"?

Love from

zewt said...

the bliss of being a medical student seems endless... hahaha! i really wanna be a doc!

The Angry Medic said...

Kenny: WHy thanks for the support from afar! I'll be pricking my ears up for that faraway applause wafting into the theatre :)

And whoa, thanks for the blogroll! Have you seen my reply to that rousing comment you made on Zewt's blog? I know some people disagreed with you, but I'm behind you 100% on that.

I'll be popping over soon.

Dan: I don't think you wanna come backstage, it's a huge mess, but when the play ends at 12am some of us will need walking back to college. Especially those who live up the hill... ;)

Argus: why didn't you give me those earlier? I'll be stealing them for next year's Revue. (I'll credit you if they get chosen). Looks like I'm not the only one here who can think up horrible plays on titles :)

Zewt:'s not all bliss, as any medblog will tell you! And no problem about the blogrolling, though I don't see my name on yours... *squints really hard* :(

dan said...

i'm sure people up the hill have friends to walk them back. otherwise, how have they gone back on the other days?

b3r3n_pAhAt3ld said...

i c ur fine....still alive....good to noe dat....wud b nice for u to let us noe ur ok n everything once in a while u noe...:P

SeaSpray said...

Ha!Ha! Chronicles of Hernia! :)

I really liked this week's Apprentice so I will stop whining about it now. :)

Kenny Mah said...

Yup, I did read some of the comments the day after. Thanks for the support. I believe everyone has the right to voice their opinions, and I'm glad they did, even if I didn't agree with all of them. And I've said my piece, so that's the end of it.

Or is it? Thinking of something. Might involve you and Zewt and some others. But will have to wait till next week or later, till my psycho-schedule is over.

But as a teaser, let's say I'm looking to hear from Malaysians who actually enjoy being Malaysians... ;)

Cal said...

OOh the best of luck! I love revues and satire and the like - I'm sure it'll be very funny, too. Rehearsing things robotically make even the funniest of things boring and suddenly seemingly stupid, but remember that your audience will not have seen it before and will most likely be in stitches!! (Of laughter, that is, not Ethilon 3.0.)


Best of luck!!

ArgusLou said...

Angry M, you're welcome to use any of my silliness. I've a terrible reputation for it among my ex-colleagues. Don't get me started.

Just make sure you clean up after "Bridgit Bones's Diarrhoea".

Shinga said...

I shall mention this to my Best Beloved as a mid/late-week outing.

Regards - Shinga

The Mushruminator said...


I've managed to convince 7 other Binsonites to come along to watch the show since I've given up trying to get rakan senegaraku to come along to the theatre with me. This had better be good, boy!

Michelle said...

You know, you're pretty dreamy when you emply medical puns. Happy Fetus! HA! I'm sure the accent and infamous eyelashes don't hurt either.

I'll be writing you back this wekkend. Finals this week. Good luck with the Medic Revue!

The Angry Medic said...

SeaSpray: Hohoho...yep, many people liked this week's episode. Looks like it's heating up. Now where are those promised blog posts eh? Mr Trump's getting impatient over here...

Kenny: I'm behind you on that 100%. And ooh, a collaboration! Would be glad to help in any way I can. And yes, thanks to the play my schedule's gone psycho on me get back in touch when your schedule eases up, I'll prolly be more free by then!

Cal: Aw thanks! The audience DID indeed love us today...I'm so happy that we're actually funny and not just stupid :P

Oh, and "will most likely be in stitches!! (Of laughter, that is, not Ethilon 3.0.)"?

You're almost as bad as I am ;)

Argus: Oh. Oh gawd. I mentioned that one to one of my Revue colleagues today and she nearly had some diarrhoea of her own :)

The Angry Medic said...

Shinga: Whoa, thanks a lot! It'd be great if you could drop by. I'd be honoured to have you in the audience, even if it's anonymously. Judging from the audience's reaction to tonight, it'll be well worth your money! Loch Fyne has a reputation, I see :)

Mushruminator: Whoa thanks for the support buddy! Feedback from tonight's show makes it out to be well worth your money. And if it isn't. well, go easy on the rotten tomatoes :P

Michelle: Aww thanks! Yes, my hordes of female fans would agree with you on the 'dreamy' part ;) hey good luck with your finals> And take your time with the email, no rush. I'll be knackered doing the play to think straight anyway :P show those exams who's boss!

Mother Jones RN said...

A star is born. Don't stop blogging when you become a big shot star, OK?

Hugs, from your mama j.

JustCallMeJo said...

I am so disappointed I live across the Atlantic.

I would be there with bells on to see your debut. Toss flowers onstage and everything.

(Is this one of those shows I'd have to bring dollar bills for sticking into your underwear?)