Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Look Ma, A Dinosaur-Sized Grand Rounds!

"Look, that huge dinosaur's going in circles around the city--in fact, you could say it's making some Grand Rounds!"

Grand Rounds 3.23 is up at Musings of a Dinosaur. The #1 Dinosaur has put up a very slick collection of posts, loosely centred around the theme that the only thing that doesn't change about life is that things change. In fact she says the more things change the more they stay the same, but they still change. So what she's saying is that things change but don't change, and in not changing they change, so in the end they change. But without changing. Only they do.

(Ow, my head hurts. --Editor)

A couple of medical students made it into this edition of Grand Rounds...MedStudentGod over at Creating The Godcomplex, and Vitum Medicinus, whose entry also begins with a dinosaur name. I'm surprised it took me so long to discover him. Guess you could say I'm a bit of a DINOSAUR. (Ooh, so many lame dinosaur jokes! I'm on a ROLL, baby. --Ed)

Speaking of dinosaurs, the incredibly modern and ultra-efficient MTAS system, which has been praised by doctors to the high heavens for making their lives so much easier, yields results this week. Good luck to everyone waiting to see if their names have been pulled out of the MMC hat. I've got all my fingers AND toes crossed for you (never mind that the cramps in said fingers and toes have gotten so bad that I've got an ambulance team permanently following me around. --Ed)

Another lesser-known lottery going on is the Cambridge clinical school application program, for which results are also coming out. Again, good luck to all of you. It seems so far off for me, I feel I'll surely be as old as a dinosaur when I get to that stage. (Ooh see what I did there? Hardehar --Ed)

(Credit for the MTAS Lottery image goes to Professor Scrub, the old dinosaur. --Ed)


Vitum Medicinus said...

Hey, thanks for the add! I've returned the favor and we are now officially Blogroll Buddies.

Or, as perhaps Musings of a Dinosaur might expect me to say since I apparently only speak in neo-Latin, Scriptus Amicitia.

HospitalPhoenix said...

Woohoo! I managed to open up your comments window! (seriously, this is becoming a bit of a bugbear, have you increased the amount of data on your homepage, or am I just jinxed?)

Anyhow, I think I was just going to reprimand you for wasting NHS time. Ambulance staff for finger cramps? Tut tut, all you need is a gin and tonic... (or a quinine pill for the teetotallers amongst us)

michelle said...

oh no!!!!run aaron!!!da 'dinosaur's' out to get u...wear a freakin chastity belt!!!

(who's terribly lightheaded nw)

dan said...

ok. so is this chio michelle, bitchy michelle or drunk michelle?!

damnit. cambridge has too many michelles.

The Angry Medic said...

Vitum Medicinus: Ooh, Blogroll Buddies! They should come up with a Blogroll Bar or something where we can hang out and buy each other virtual drinks.

(Ooh, business idea!)

Heh. Thanks for the linking, mate. And yes, #1 Dinosaur did seem to think you only spoke Latin. How come I can understand you, huh?

HospitalPhoenix: Ooh, you commented! I have no idea why you can't get it open...should I do something to my homepage to reduce the amount of data on it?

And I'd take quinine, but we've got an angry Pharm lecturer reminding us not to waste drugs needlessly, and since the ambulance crew haven't got much to do anyway (they can't go to the hospital because then the 4-hour A&E clock'd start ticking and they'd miss the target, and that's unthinkable) I thought they might like some sightseeing :)

Michelly-shell: Hey, I don't have dinosaurs chasing after me. They're all hot chicks on my tail every time I go out. Frustrating sometimes.

And oi, why haven't you added me to the invited list on your blog?

Dan: Can get a bit confusing, can't it? Nice way you classified them though.

But nope, this Michelle is my sister from back home. She's not in Cambridge. Erase that mark on your scoreboard :)

Nathan said...

Wow, I had no idea. I've just spent the last ten minutes reading the comments on Dr. Crippen's post about this, and I've never been more thankful to be an American. I feel really sorry for all of you. I also feel sorry for all the American medical school grads behind me who are going to be competing against ya'all for residency slots next year. But there will be that much more empathy towards the interns under me a year from now who all have British accents.

Dr. Wannabe said...

You have the correct general part of the states I'm in. Just not the right state. Gross, who wants to be from New Jersey?

Keep trying though!

dan said...

dude... i only have one person on my mind right now. and she interrupts my thought processes every 5 minutes. it is damn annoying.

#1 Dinosaur said...

I love the heading! Thanks for the GR mention/link, and for blogrolling, as well as for trolling my blog and leaving such lovely comments.

Favor returned; you now top the list. That's what alphabetical gets you.

Mother Jones RN said...

Oh no, it's Godzilla! I think I went out with him on a blind date once. Run away!


The Angry Medic said...

Nathan: Yeah, I know, I just finally got how horrible MTAS was from Dr Crippen's blog too. Thanks for the sympathy, and I'm sorry if this has made you think any worse of Britain. Some parts of the NHS still work.

But hey, you'll have to work hard to avoid getting all your girls stolen by those same interns with sexy British accents ;)

Dr Wannabe: Uhm...but I thought you WANTED to be House. Shouldn't New Jersey be your holy grail then?

#1 Dinosaur: Aww, thanks for stopping by! And yep, never thought my blog name beginning with an A would help me rise to the top (geddit?) but thanks, it's an honour!

I'll be back at your blog soon.

Momma Jones: You had to date Godzilla before getting to your Prince Charming? Boy, talk about going through many Mr Wrongs before meeting Mr Right...

Nathan said...

Haha, no, I just plan on picking up one of those British female interns with a sexy accent.

Or don't you have women as doctors in the UK? (kidding)

I love the UK. I lived there for several years and have loved returning for visits.

Dr. Wannabe said...

Damn, then I've given away my general location for nothing! You must keep it a secret.

The Angry Medic said...

Nathan: Ooh, already got a game plan eh? I can tell someone's been really focusing on his studies, oh yeah. *coughdesperatecough* :)

Oh yes, the UK is brilliant. And despite all the crap the medical profession's going through, it still holds some good.

I'd love to go to America though. Especially New York. Always been my dream city, muggers and all (not least cos it contains Donald Trump, who is, like, da bomb).

Dr Wannabe: Gasp! Now I know where you're from! Screw medicine, I'm scrambling a team of PIs and coming over to track you down! BWAHAHAHAHAHA *thunder and lightning*

Heh. Kidding. I'm anal about Internet anonymity. As far as I'm concerned, your personal information is your business. Not that my US geography is good enough to know which side of the world New Jersey's on anyway :P

UKRacismWatch said...

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UKRacismWatch said...

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Please kindly also sign this Online Downing Street Petition about General Medical Council (GMC) Racism :


If we don't get the message across to the GMC now , then Eastern European Doctors are going to be doomed as well - in addition to those many thousands of African and Asian Doctors who have already suffered such rabid discrimination by the GMC.