Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Let's Make Some Grand Rounds, Shall We?

Every Tuesday, Grand Rounds is an accumulation of the best posts from medical blogs all over the Internet. Its original intent was to be written with the non-medical blogger in mind (this means you). After all, who isn't interested in medical topics?

What kind of stuff will you find? Just about anything! It can be stories about patient interactions. It can be commentary on the latest medical news. It can be explanations of clinical disease processes. Or it can be rants on just how ridiculous medical school is as seen through the eyes of a jaded and possibly slightly insane medical student. (Not that I'd know anything about that, of course).

This week's Grand Rounds is up over at The Rumours Were True! Surprisingly enough, webmaster Topher has elected to include a sample of my terrible writing in the collection this week. (At least now my readership will increase from the usual three people. I hope. --Editor)
Time to call a MEDIC! The Angry Medic of Cambridge isn’t seeing as much gore as he’d like from his textbook prison and decides to take his education to the pitch where he receives a ball to the face, dips blood into his antiseptic and consoles the players that a large bandage will not effect “the number of female spectators yelling their names from the sidelines.” You could say he Comes of Age.
Grand Rounds is a weekly collection of the blogosphere's best medical writing. In the past there has been concern over the falling standards of Grand Rounds, but this edition is a step in the right direction, as Topher has obviously exercised stringent quality control (I should know. He was very generous with his feedback and got me to edit my submission twice before including it. Quality control is good, even if it doesn't do my carpal tunnel syndrome any good *wince* --Ed).

Go over and poke around. There's something for everyone, whether you're in the medical profession (you have my sympathies. --Ed) or not (you lucky bastard. --Ed). You might even find your Holy Grail.

And once you have, don't forget to pop over to Doctor Anonymous next week for Grand Rounds 3.09.

As God commandeth in a certain very famous film,


(first two paragraphs adapted from Doctor Anonymous. I was lazy.)


Dr. A said...

Thanks for the plug. See you next week. Don't forget to send me some of your "terrible writing."

Great blog. I'll be back to read more, and I might even add you to my links (How unlucky for you -- HA!)

Anonymous said...

What's wrong with your three readers? Aren't we good enough for you then? :-)

The Angry Medic said...

Dr A: why thanks! If you can stomach it, I will be sending in some terrible writing, I will. And me? In your links? *cinema-quality NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO*

Anonymous: why but of course you are! you're...you're the only reason I live! Otherwise long ago I'd have made my final insult against St John's College by becoming a red smear on the ground next to their Tower :)

Dan said...

angry medic!! two posts in a day?! in the middle of term?!?!!? you really should be mugging medical facts!!!!!!!!

The Angry Medic said...

I know, I know! I feel so guilty.

But bah! Blogging is much more fun than medicine anyway. Stupid white coats. I wanna become a writer and be rebellious and artsy-fartsy!

The Angry Medic said...

Or Donald Trump. I would love to be Donald Trump.

How does Dr Trump sound to you?

Phoenix said...

I seem to recall your initials being ASS..?

Dr ASS Trump doesn't sound too great, I'm afraid :D

Dan said...

oh but i beg to differ. Dr ASS Trump is perfect for angry medic. i second! :P

howling said...

What do you mean 3 readers???

I read you all the time tehehe. It doesn't matter what you write. Terrible writing is good. Even terrible spelling sometimes is good. Don't worry though, your spelling is spelendid.

I have to say, I noticed that the more I blog, the more it gets terrible. Is it artsy? I wish it is... Hahaha!!!


Dan said...

angry medic, stop confusing your readers. :P

The Angry Medic said...

yes Howling, you're possibly one of my three regular readers :) but thanks so much for your support! I'm on your blog often too, though I don't comment that much. You lead a wild enough life to leave me speechless :)

Dan & HospitalPhoenix: I dunno. Dr ASS Trump sounds catchy, don'tcha think? At least I'd make the papers :)

howling said...

I know you do come and check me out... I got a tracker / stats thing stuck on my page. LOL.

I'm here often as well that I in fact already know what ASS stands for. LOL. Next time I'll be asking you to invite me for dinner!!! (joke) I eat lots of rice.

"You lead a wild enough life to leave me speechless :)"

I agree if you mean: having rice cakes for brains or brains for cakes as wild enough life. Hahaha!!!