Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Donald Trump Read Me!

Whoa. Right. Now I know as a calm rational medical student, I shouldn't be going all emotional over something as simple as this, but I'm a huge Trump fan, and my comment recently appeared on his blog! Not all comments get through, and only the ones vetted suitable for consumption do, and probably some bored blog administrator took a look at it and passed it through, but hey, a guy can dream, can't he? I like to think that Trump, being the kinda guy he is who loves fame, read my comment and seeing my university, decided to put it up to look like he was read by intellectuals all over the world. (True, this contention is nullified by the comment a few posts down by Debbie Dee, who showcases her staggering intellect by saying "Donny, you always make heartbeat on me!" but again, I like to think Debbie Dee is some foreign hot model and Trump is just looking to get lucky with yet another Eastern European chick if his marriage toMelania doesn't work out. So sue me for dreaming.)

Now all I have to do to achieve my dream of going to Trump Tower and meeting The Donald is to show some Trump tenacity and keep posting comments at his blog. Then when I meet him I can say "Hey Mr Trump, I'm the funny Singh who keeps posting on your blog!" I only hope I don't get thrown out of the building by some burly bodyguard. I LOVE YOU DONALD!


Richard F. Guyon said...


We share a some what common ground then. Mine is to be selected for "The Apprentice" and show the candidates what a REAL effort is. I would suggest you send in an application yourself for the next round, I know I will be again, but I can add the fact I've posted 3 topic headings on the Trump Blog now, and it looks like more to come. I do have the time to respond, unlike Mr. Trump that his company and ventures and all the other mixes he is likely into leaves no time to reply to any posts on his topic. Watch for my next one.


Richard F. Guyon

CEO NEXRUN Technologies Inc.

CTO / SEO Advisor to Global TESOL College

Topic Heading Contributor to: Trump University Trump Blog

CEO & Designer - World Trade Center Memorial Tribute Site

Bogeyman said...


We share common ground too. I am a Singlet and also black... in some places

Is your dick as long as mine?


Darn, I cannot write a proper comment.. hahaha

Dan K
Nutcase Engineer
Cambridge Uni Engineering Department

ash said...

you have a friend named snuggles?

*snigger snigger*